Giddy Up Cowboy

The Best Western!

The Best Western!

The image of a cowboy in men’s fashion often drove herds of women to one’s paddock. In modern society, nothing’s changed. Gone with the Wind and Thelma and Louise are still strong movie moments of hard yakka men kicking up some dust on a far west farm. Now these themes in the fashion business are far from new, but D&G (pictured) won’t be the last label this season to go down this dusty track. D&G have executed a look that is commercial and perfectly shaped. Personally I’ve never seen a more ‘perfect’ suit in colour and tailoring. The finishing touch is what sets it apart. Detail is retail my friends! Nothing beats it, in value or premium.

Fashion tip – shades of tan and blues are a perfect combination.



6 thoughts on “Giddy Up Cowboy

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  2. AC,
    The pictured suit is one from the D&G collection circa 2008/09. It won’t be in their current collection naturally but try trolling through designer clearance websites and stores. Hope you find it – it’s a knockout!!
    The Stylemeister!

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