Graphic T-Shirts Rock

Wear your mood on a GFX T!

Wear your mood on a GFX T!

We all put a lot of effort into how we look and some of us aren’t shy about letting others know.  Nothing has brought that to life as the graphic T-shirt.  It’s given rise to people making political statements with their wardrobe, shedding light on how they feel, or more interestingly, enjoying how others react to their printed T. Cruel but true.

Our outerwear is the first impression we make; an instantaneous thermometer  how we feel and want to present ourselves to the world. No one is exempt unless you’re living on a remote island drinking out of fresh coconuts each day. (Come to think of it, that sounds pretty good).

Graphic and ‘written word’ T-shirts have saturated the market so much they are becoming as popular as the jean category. The main reason why they are so popular is they are ‘easy’. They are accessible and affordable, and are a real statement – especially when you’re having one of those days in terms of what to wear. Nothing is easier than pulling on a great T-shirt.

BUDGET TIP: On the Paris runway, graphics are becoming childlike and simple. Less is more. If you want to revamp your own T’s for free, find fabric pens/inks, squiggle your best thoughts and walk tall knowing you’ve truly expressed yourself.

UPGRADE TIP: Try taking your plain white T to a tailor with some images of how you’d like it to look and see what they could create AND if you’re feeling uber Trump-like, why not contact a business to get your own T-shirt made. There’s truly no end to the creative power you have to revamp your wardrobe.



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  1. I believe this is what Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) said after his last stint with the Sex Pistols in California.

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