Sand, Surf, Sex & Scarves

Hello Sailor!

Where there is the smell of sand, surf and sex, there is some handsome Italian with a summer scarf, and usually a very expensive yacht. But have you noticed how versatile it is? The scarf that is. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, these simple yet effective squares of exquisite fabric are timeless and stylish. Scarves originated in early Roman times as a piece of cloth to wipe the sweat off one’s brow, and as it’s evolved from clean plain linen to beautifully adorned fashion items, they have been rewarded their own category on the runways. Summer scarves come in a range of lightweight fabrics such as gauzy linens and breezy cottons. And if you’re reading this and it’s freezing outside, then you’ll be using one made of wool or cashmere. Regardless of where you are – or what you’re wearing, the scarf is a classic item to match back with a long sleeve, a polo shirt, a business shirt, a T-shirt and a Princess Marianna Yacht.

Tip; Hold the lady’s hand while she is stepping onto the yacht. You don’t want her slipping on the deck too soon.



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