The Breezy White Collared Shirt

Paris SS10 crumpled white shirtThis is quite frankly the best news since the Presidential election. Breezy, crisp and comfortable white cotton oxford shirts don’t need to be ironed. I repeat – don’t need to be ironed. It’s actually a very ‘IN’ thing to wear all your shirts crushed. For a long time now, the white cotton collared shirt has been the sole property of men and boys. Now it is universal and unisex. (Not to mention very sexy)

Swiping the look from their boyfriend’s closets, women adapted the white shirt till it was fit for a movie star, a model, or a girl about town. Having it crushed means, they won’t touch it. So you’re fresher than freshly washed and crushed shirt will be just for you. And it’s how you like it.

[Post script; Women took the basic men’s style, turned it into a roomy, comfortable wardrobe staple, and never gave it back. So beware.]



8 thoughts on “The Breezy White Collared Shirt

  1. But I don’t wanna be a pirate! Plus the shirt looks pretty wrinkled! I don’t think I would ever wear a shirt that is frumpy enough to the point where it looks like I slept on it.

  2. Hi Justin
    Thanks for the feedback … the wrinkled shirt is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a hot clothing item in some camps. However, we love your feedback as its important to us to gauge how people respond to our blog posts – both negatively and positively. Maybe we’ll add an alternate clean white AND ironed shirt into the mix. :-)
    The Stylemeister!

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