Go on, Get Tailored!

Indo Who?We all know suits are making a massive come back. And we also know, that finding one that is flattering to your body shape and affordable, is as daunting as looking for a contact lens that has popped out during a 12 hour flight to Hong Kong. That’s why we opt for jeans. But we can’t get away from having to wear a suit from time to time now; can we…

Following his own frustration while studying at the University of Victoria, Indochino’s CEO Heikal Gani recognized a huge number of fellow students (and consumers) were confused, intimidated, and discouraged by the traditional offerings of suit designers. Heikal Gani recruited best friend and fellow student Kyle Vucko, and both putting their studies on hold, founded Indochino.

Indochino is the first and only retailer to ethically hand make its suits in down town Shanghai, offering a ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee’ and providing free global shipping. Oh my word, are you hearing this! This is a new level of suiting! (Well not really, we’ve just gone digital).

If you’re going to spend a good $500 – $800 on a suit, make sure it’s to your personal specifications. It’s much easier for a tailor to draft from scratch than to unpick, and alter an existing suit unless it’s just hemming.

So how does it work? Well, you select one of the suits on Indochino.com and then you measure yourself. It take about 15 minutes to do. You can also order a fabric swatch (like the colour swatches you would get when looking at paint for your home) and a tape measure if need be. You suit is handmade in Shanghai and couriered to you in 2 weeks! Damn that’s fast.

Is Saville Rowe going to be peeved? We think so.



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