Loose fitting clothes – art or deception?

good fitting clothesThere are reasons why men wear what they wear. And at Style Power we have looked into the psyche of why we do such a thing. Men will usually wear what they are use to or have seen. But they also wear clothes to purposely look good or bad. (I see you’re perplexed) In this instance, loose fitting clothes are to hide something, and in most cases it’s a body that men don’t feel good in. And this is the reason why in our e-book we unpack the archetypes of men as well as disclosing 3 key body shapes to educate you in what will really look good on you, and more importantly make you feel good.

In a word loose fitting clothes represent, sloppy. Eek. (Unless of course you are a rapper). Choose clothes that fit your body. This might take some experimentation by mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you find the right fit for your body that is flattering; but it is worth the time.



8 thoughts on “Loose fitting clothes – art or deception?

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  3. Fashion is fad driven, yet the emergence of loose fitting clothes have a few different agendas for different people.
    Today man and women are all edging towards loose fitting clothes because of ‘coolness’, ‘being cool, or ‘not wanting to draw attention to their body shape’. For whatever reason, it’s globally accepted. Welcome to Menstylepower!

  4. That’s good feedback Henry, we’ll look into it and hopefully fix that bug so you can enjoy MSP on your ‘berry! Thanks for the support!

  5. i was beginning to believe that i may be the only individual whom thought about this, at least now i find out i’m not nuts :) i’ll make sure to pay a visit to a number various posts right after i get my morning caffeine in me, it is challenging to read without my coffee … cheers :)

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