Pull your socks up!

Dont do it man! IT'LL SCAR YOU!We all make fashion errors now and again, but some fashion mistakes made by men are never forgotten. Back in the late 18th century to make a mistake in fashion was almost unforgivable, and those who witnessed your mistake did not want to be seen with you, so they would not invite you out on their next occasion. They saw it as a lack of knowledge and to dress badly was evidence that you were ignorant towards social graces. We may have more liberty today to wear clothing as a form of expression than acceptance, but we are still judged harshly for our fashion faux pas.

Now a man’s finances may inhibit him from buying something that he really wants, but that should not affect his dress sense or grooming skills. The one title that a man does not escape from is that of a shabby ho-bo.

A big no-no in fashion for me is wearing “Socks with Sandals”… Scrolling through my catalogue of fashion images I came across a very high-end designer who is determined to avenge the socks with sandals look. Unless you’re living in Italy and the rest of your garment is Versace I don’t think you can pull this one off. I understand that when it is chilly outside we all dream of the warmth of the summer sun, but wearing socks with sandals doesn’t make the seasons change any faster. If you want to wear sandals this badly, move to the Bahamas. In fact, the Stylemeister is there right now sipping on a little pina-colada. Hey dude!