I’m a Pant’s Man – fit em’ well please!

Bonobos Super Soakers - beat your chest!There is soooo much out there on the www, that it’s a given you’re going to miss something. So the Stylemeisters beat their chests when they come across such a find.

Bonobos is fashion ‘man-speak’ at its best, and if you know your world animals (and not just think you’re one in the bedroom) you’ll know that the Bonobos is one of the most amazing creatures on Earth, a peace loving, communal living, and (yes, we know!) sexually promiscuous Great Ape that possesses nearly all of modern man’s better traits. The polo & trouser Bonobos company know that these beautiful creatures are in danger so they donate money with every sale and new customer that buys their product.

Bonobos employ intelligent, empathetic people who provide exceptional customer service, free shipping, easy returns, and overall a fantastic experience. No Markups, No Sales Pitches. Why? Because they hate shopping too. They also dislike bad service, retail music that is too loud, and dressing rooms that are too small. Worst of all, the Ninjas at Bonobos hate losing time shopping when you could be doing better things like – beating your chest like a Bonobos! So now, you can experience the ease of online shopping on ‘your time buddy!’.

So who are these ninjas, the stylemeisters ask…
Bonobos was created in 2007 by Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn while they were roommates at Business School. As legend has it, Brian began altering pants for himself using a girlfriend’s sewing machine until Brian and Andy’s friends liked the pants so much that they demanded pairs of their own. They started Bonobos to solve a simple problem: men’s pants just don’t fit well. They’re either too tight to be comfortable or too baggy to look good. By innovating in a few key areas, we’ve developed a fit that looks and feels great for a wide variety of men.

We love em!



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