Brace Yourself!

brace yourself man!Nothing is amusing or frivolous when it comes to Style. Fashion on the other hand, being a very different concept, allows the ‘fashionistas’ to frolic and dance through materials, designs, carrot top jeans, fluros and more (while I’m somewhat snickering on my sleeve over being told by a trend setter that carrot top jeans were here to stay – not!) but back to Style; no, there’s nothing amusing. It’s a serious business fellas. Because it is the outward and very public expression of YOU.

Now, if you’re in a panic during this financial crisis over the cost of designer and high quality items, then fear not. Because focusing on Style allows you to stand quite still, while Fashion creates a drunken mess, Style cleans up on integrity and class.

So accessories. Braces to the Brits, suspenders to the Americans and Caps to the Aussies…we all have a very distinct signature piece per country. The Stylemeisters suggest that you have a good look at the signature piece that you want to bring into your Style. For example –  John Galliano is very ‘pirate orientated’ and Karl Lagerfeld holds his trusting fan. You cannot separate the one from the other. So gents, start your engine in this crisis and lend an ear to what is comfortable and familiar and like second skin to YOU.

In the meantime, we’re loving the reintroduction of braces. It was considered a while ago that braces were unnecessary and outdated, but thanks to a few savvy designers, they are back. And they’re looking good.
The braces are no longer humbly a mere functional item concealed behind a jacket or blazer. They are bolder and more eye-brow raising than ever. And we like it that way. Braces may have been closely associated with clowns but they were never seen on fools. Braces these days have changed shape as you’ll see in our image. Non-conforming and loud, they do not whisper timidly anymore. So when buying a savvy pair, avoid one thing – Donald Duck figures and the Disney family.



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