Only the Brave

The KnightI’m sensing a magnificent movement that is about to arrive on the shores of every man’s hometown. And it’s being driven by the consumer’s heart. Now, I’m not going to go all soppy on you and fall into a blubbering mess and cry ‘it’s finally here!’, but the ‘tone of voice’ that keeps popping up when I am researching new trends is starting to form a pattern of clouds in the sky….spelling out – Chivalry.

To be honest this makes my heart pound just a little bit harder and my biceps seem to nostalgically remember a muscle memory of centuries past when I most likely held a sword and screamed a line out of BraveHeart. But what’s happening is men (and women – believe it boys!) realise that Fashion is not art, it’s porn and Style is king….literally. But we’re not talking about a physical style here. It’s spiritual and emotional. A ‘code’ of conduct that is starting to weave its way into every fibre of cloth and human matter because somewhere along the way, we’ve had enough.

I’m a big believer in entrepreneurs. They pioneer through mangroves and cut a new path that gives a boost to the economy and a livelihood to families. When these entrepreneurs have a company value system that embraces ethics and their CEO/founder lives it, we are one happy family. Renzo Russo, CEO/ Founder of Diesel, and Richard Branson (we all know who he is) are two of my favourites, because they walk the talk.

Renzo is talking about ‘only the brave’. The mantra is plastered on everything from tight T-shirts to the lobby of Diesel’s deliciously industrial corporate offices. And perhaps constantly being reminded of these three little words is exactly what keeps Rosso running. He’s investing in up and coming designers and expanding into new industries like restaurants and furniture.

Branson, well, do we need to say more? It’s a name to which we all feel we’re personally acquainted to as he’s sooooo personal himself and he cares for people. What gets him out of bed everyday is he wants to find a new way to give people a good time. A hero!

So you see….there is a change of focus. Men are moving towards five archetypes that have been lost in the dark ages for a long time now. The Hero, The Warrior, The Priest, The King and The Hunter. Why? Because as corporations fail us, and society’s greed claims us, a rise to the human spirit is what’s driving us. Men have a natural code to protect and fight for what he believes in. It’s in his blood stream. So gents, dress like you mean business, and I mean ‘business’!

The Stylemeisters talk about all 5 male archetypes in their e-book.



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