The Westwood Homeless

The sleep walkingRight so this must be the new way designers are showing off their ranges, because if you put all this stuff together for your daily outfit, you’d be looked upon as some homeless duff. Right? So, in viewing these pictures, you can see that the consumer would more than likely say, “Ok, I love the belt on that look, and maybe the shoes on this look” but all in all, is it a piece-meal collection or one peppered with utter genius?

“Last night the press release for Westwood’s menswear collection, for Milan Fashion Week, declared: “Perhaps the oddest of heroes to emerge this season, Vivienne Westwood found inspiration in the roving vagrant whose daily get-up is a battle gear for the harsh weather conditions . . . Quilted bombers and snug hoodies also work well in keeping the vagrant warm.” Yes. The homeless.

Of course, in the candy-colored world of Vivienne Westwood, homeless people are all young with great bodies, high cheekbones and flawless skin, and they all have super-styled hair and brightlycolored clothes. And sometimes they’ll walk around in big goofy hats or even teddy bear heads!

VM2Darlings, you just can’t write about it! Well….I just did.

SO – we all know that inspiration comes to artists in various forms, but for a high level designer such as Vivienne Westwood to be inspired by the homeless means there has been a scary increase in percentage of these forgotten people. So if that is the case, and she is riding the dusty coattails of these people; then every piece sold from the collection, should have a percentage donated to the homeless. Our belief is if the influential are going to take something from the homeless who have nothing, then something should be given back. Agree?



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  2. Hey September Bonawitz. Great to hear that you like the bloggin we’re doing. It’s pretty simple isn’t it. Jump online, check it out, download the e-book if you like, and start looking and feeling good.

  3. Actually this is the second collection Westwood has done based on the homeless, her first was almost thirty years ago with her then partner the late, great Malcolm McLaren, called Punkature that featured over-sized shirts with stills from Blade Runner and antique almanacs printed on them and, well, big goofy hats… McLaren even had a song out based on the collection called “She’s Looking Like a Hobo”.

  4. Thanks Justin,

    We stand corrected. Love your insight – keep coming back for/with more …

    The Stylemeister!

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