Top 10 Most Stylish Men in 20-10 (prediction)

It’s a new decade, and with it brings a not-so-new crop of stylish men who are making waves with their powerful persona and even more daunting style and wardrobe.

Enter the MenStylePower ‘MITCH’ (MAN IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HIMSELF) Top Ten Awards – a nod to the best groomed men on the planet today.

But we don’t just hand the MenStylePower “MITCH” Award to just anyone – the dudes have to embody good grooming, stylish threads, debonair lifestyle and gentlemanly grooming – both inside and out. They’re hardworking, they’re businessmen, they’re sportsmen, they’re real men. They’re MITCHES … and we’re proud to give them kudos for their life choices and style.

Here’s the breakdown:


TheRockThe Rock

One man and one man alone has traversed the wide, wide world of entertainment genres, from wrestling men down to the ground on TV to charming little girls as the world’s tallest tooth fairy, and with each transformation he continues to flash his very white teeth, fantastic tatts and panache. It also helps that he works out like a maniac to keep that 6 foot 5 frame in shape. For his very white teeth alone he makes to No 10 on our list (who’s his dentist??  Great prosthodontery work … mah-ve-llous!).




begg-smithDale Begg-Smith

“Who?”  The mogul skier dude. “Who?” The Canadian who defected to Australia and just won a silver medal for said defected-to nation at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The dude who’s getting a lot of flack for his schtick of joylessness – “infamous for offering monosyllabic answers to journalists”. The dude who “looks like he’s just sucked on a lemon even after winning a silver medal”. (The media’s words, not ours – “Why Mr Miserable leaves us icy cold” – SMH February 16, 2010)

Call him unflappable or perhaps a poor communicator – whatever you moniker you place on him, Dale’s a man who’s wild at heart. He follows his own rules (he defected from the Canadian Olympic team because they asked him to choose between his million dollar IT business and training 24-7 with the team – duh!!?!!), he speaks when he wants to (usually in singular vowel grunts), he works bloody hard, (running a multi-million dollar IT business AND is a sports phenomenon) and he doesn’t bend to every whim and whimper from paper flacks. No wonder they hate his guts. He’s his own man and not a media stooge. Go Dale. We LIKE you!! Almost as much as we like you in KARBON sportswear – lean, mean, snow machine!


ldLeonardo Di Caprio

Little Leo’s grown up to be a man his mama must so proud of. He’s one guy with a keen sense of balance; managing to keep his private life just that and his professional career climbing higher and higher. He’s acted in probably some of the most essential films of the last decade (Blood Diamond, The Departed, Revolutionary Road), and he calls Marin Scorsese and Giorgio Armani close friends so much so the latter is throwing a little party for the premiere of the Scorcese film ‘Shutter Island’ which features Leo, of course. Ah, friends in high places …




This ebony man personifies sex on tap, mixed in with grace and icy mojo that far exceeds the Rat Pack’s cool factor by Nth degrees. He’s a father and husband to a gorgeous woman who has her own successful career – that he doesn’t seem daunted by. We love how he croons like an angel and strongly carries his facial markings (the result of discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), a condition where the immune cells attack various body tissues) like a King of ancient African descent. Thumbs up for his dark suited ensembles and white crisp shirts. A gentleman’s wardrobe. A man’s man.




tboy 2John Travolta

 We can’t imagine the depths this man plummeted to after the loss of his 16-year-old son Jett. Soon after the tragedy, the media and the haters speculated wildly that John had been hit hard and was never going to rise again. They were wrong. He’s back, with a bang, and we applaud the effort he’s taken to pulled himself up and out of the pit and thrust himself back into this crazy thing we call life.  Plus he now sports a very cool shaved look. Smooth!


Bradley CooperBradley Cooper

Move over Brad. Here comes your superlative … Brad-ley. (Get it?) He’s every girl’s dream at the moment and wherever he is, he’s soaking in the limelight for as long as it lasts. And it might last awhile because he’s one fine specimen of manhood. However it seems like most men, he’s still not quite got a handle on style seeing as he was busted recently for a fake tan blunder when at the Hollywood premiere of his new romantic comedy Valentine’s Day he appeared with 1/3 of his face visibly missing the oily ministrations of a tan bottle. Ah well, we can’t all be heartthrobs 24-7.



sam-worthingtonSam Worthington

This is one Aussie bloke blowing up Hollywood. He’s coming hard and fast behind all the other Aussie blokes who’ve smoked up the joint but unlike Hugh Jackman’s who’s a little too nice in person, and the Gladiator dude (Russell Crowe) who’s temper’s given him a not-so-nice rep, Sam is just right, as rough, gravelly and mysterious as his rough, gravelly and mysterious voice. His dress sense is unknown to many, but we assume his your jeans and a T-Shirt kinda bloke who always looks good in whatever he tries on. Can’t go wrong with jeans and a T, if you’re rough, gravelly and mysterious to boot.



124Barack Obama

He may have one of the most monumental jobs in all of history – reviving a dying empire and so we thought it pertinent to give him a historical write up as it would read 200 years from now: Although not coming to power “by the sword and the cross,” Obama’s popularity with the citizens of the United State carried him to his seat of power “by the people and the vote.” And in doing so Barack Obama became the world’s first ‘African’ master of the West. In the face of opposition, Obama was always tall, powerful, quick witted, yet stern and tireless. However the empire he inherited was falling into decay – his people had all but forgotten economic restraint and had been cheated into supporting a losing war in the Middle East. In the style of a sonorous, comforting and practiced orator, Obama challenged banking institutions and financial corporations alike. His appearance was stately and dignified, his tastes simple and moderate. He wore well fitted suits: mostly blue and gray in colour – all in the same silhouette and material – single-breasted, 97 percent worsted wool and 3 percent cashmere. The pleated pants mostly sported an inch-and-a-quarter cuff. Over all these garments he flung an elegant coat, and he always walked like he had a sword girt about him – a man of major style and real power. Hu-aaaah!!


weston Michael Westen

(Covert-Ops agent on TV series Burn Notice – played by Jeffrey Donovan).

From the tips of his trademark Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses to his SIG Sauer P228 (9x19mm) sidearm to the heels of his Mark Nason boots, covert ops Michael Westen is one cool slick brotha. In probably one of the best characterizations on TV today, the unlicensed private investigator/spy/soldier of fortune manages to remain highly fashionable, while being consumed by the desire to find out why he has been burned (i.e. blacklisted as a spy/agent).

Westen is highly trained in various forms of martial arts, such as Sambo, which he uses when pretending to be Russian and his cool demeanor gets icier as he battles and outwits an array of mobsters, con artists, contract killers, professional thieves, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, deadbeat dads, arms dealers, kidnappers and war criminals without breaking a sweat in his Diesel and Kenneth Cole Shirts, Rock and Republic Jeans and suits by Hugo Boss.

Michael also has a fondness for yogurt (particularly blueberry) – yorghurt being good “spy food” – full of protein and nutrients and easy and convenient for a spy to eat during a long surveillance. I spy, with my little eye, real style, in Westen!


johnnydepp1Johnny. Depp.

Élan. Flair. Elegance. Johnny.



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