The Queen designed clothes for real men. RIP

the queenMcQueen has passed. Long live the Queen!

He may have been a Queen, but the this enfant terrible of the fashion world was a creative genius who designed strong, bold clothing for real men.

He interpreted style in a way not many designers living today will ever match up to; he challenged convention and blew our minds yet still somehow managed to deliver wearable, livable designs that were the talk of the town – from high fashion circles to everyday street buzz … he was out of this world so much so he has been taken away from it.

RIP friend, RIP.



4 thoughts on “The Queen designed clothes for real men. RIP

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  2. Cheers! Stylemeister and I are chuffed that you’re getting something out of these posts. We’re super passionate about passing this knowledge onto the men of the world! Peace.

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