A Gentleman’s Valentine

My_ValentineWe’re not going to complicate it. Love and being in love, is amazing. Valentine’s Day is when you remind your forgetful noggin’ of the fact.

Gentlemen, whether you hate the soppiness of it all, or dread the creativity required to make this day count for your woman, you need to acknowledge that Valentines is here … like it or not.

If you’re single, believe that your true love is around the corner so celebrate her imminent arrival.

Make a great meal for yourself (beef and potatoes are highly recommended). Scoff it down with a great glass of wine, then turn down the lights, and hang out with the J’s – James Brown or better still, John Legend, and most definitely Monsieur Jack Daniels in one hand and a cigar in the other. Enjoy the moment. You’re blessed to be alive. And love is on her way.

If you’re attached, wake her up with a soppy kiss, whip up a pancake or two and serve her breakfast in bed.  Tell her how much you appreciate her … she’ll love you for it. Have a simple dinner together and as you do raise a glass in her honour. She’s worth it and you’re one lucky bugger because love is in your life. Don’t ever take it for granted.




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