The Innie on the Undie

Let’s get to the bare essentials fellas. You wouldn’t wear jeans from 1999, so why are you still wearing the same drawers you did in middle school?

The Stylemeister and Stig Of Style have been chatting about dressing from the inside out over the last month. It’s taken us a while to get to the underwear section of styling, as we wanted you all to warm up to discussing how to keep the your best mate snug as a bug in a rug.

James TudorNow, while researching this very important topic, we’ve come across some very interesting female conversations of late and they go a little something like this. If they see a hole in your undies, you’ll never see her again. If they see faded sagging cotton, the night is called off; if they sense that you’ve had the same pair of drawers for the last 20 years and you’ve secretly written a Lifetime Achievement Awards speech about it … they’ll tell all their friends and those friends will tell their friends and (you get the picture) — you won’t have a date for the next decade!

So, before your lovelife gets shunted into 2020 when your body has evolved into a prune, update your underwear collection so you smell roses before the world comes to an apocalyptic end.

I know a lot of you may be freaking out about the cost of a tiny piece of cotton, but let me remind you; A woman who spends money on lingerie is going to expect her man to update his drawers. You love the lingerie …. enuf said.

Now we’ve just had Valentine’s pass, we’re hoping you guys also gave yourself a good update in the drawer department, with a pair of any of the following; Calvins, Gaultiers, Gallianos, Ginch Gonch, Hanes, HOM, Bjorn Borg, Davenports, Diesel or Macpherson for Men.

While we’re on the subject of brands, I want to highlight the following English designer to you that not a lot of people know about. His name is, James Tudor ( We LOVE what he’s doing. It’s English, cheeky, masculine and different. Get yourself a pair for 23 quid.

Roger that.



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