HUGO is not BOSS at the Oscars

hbActor and activist Danny Glover is calling on Academy Awards nominees and others in the film industry to not wear Hugo Boss suits at Sunday’s Awards ceremony. The “Lethal Weapon” star makes the request in a letter on behalf of 375 Cleveland factory workers who’ll lose their jobs if the German company closes the plant next month as planned. The Feb. 26 letter asks Hollywood to “take a small stand for American workers.”

Apparently the German company is closing its Cleveland, Ohio suit factory in favor of overseas manufacturing. Actor Danny Glover has joined the “No Hugo Boss On The Red Carpet” boycott, and the ‘Service Employees International Union’, the movement behind the boycott, is asking other Hollywood luminaries to sign a pledge stating that they won’t wear the brand on Oscar night. The union is passing out pins pledging support for their cause and is asking other Hollywood luminaries to sign a pledge stating that they won’t wear the brand on Oscar night.

We don’t know how much this action will have on cutting down numbers of HB black tuxedos on the red carpet. What we do know is that we need to see more classic 40s and 50s style coming back to men’s clothing and suits on the red carpet – Sinatra style – complete with a classic hankeredchief and fantastic bowtie.

We’ll be happy as long as the Academy Awards gents remember that there is nothing like a well-fitted, tailored men’s designer suit for the biggest party on the planet!



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