Men’s Fashion Designers 2010

Burberry2010 I truly believe that knowledge is power. And in Style and Fashion, you need to know who YOU are to really wear your clothes well. In our E-book we talk through all the points you need to know so it’s easy for you to create a platform for yourself that is a base from where you can creatively style from. Exciting!

There are many great designers throughout the world, who have made their mark through innovation and integrity. And of course, there are many new, fresh and exciting designers who have no loyalty in the market place, but are just as great in their infancy as the Parisian Fashion House designers we now see posted on bus shelters and billboards.

Understanding the mission statement, or the heart beat of a designer brings you closer to what they do, and why they do what they do. Many say fashion is fickle. Many say it’s unnecessary. Well, we all need clothes on our backs, and these people saw many many centuries ago that you could do so with a little more flare, a little more sophistication.

Thomas Burberry, a 21-year old draper’s apprentice opened a small outfitters shop in Hampshire, England. He committed himself to quality and innovation in fabric and outerwear design, which earned him a loyal following and by 1870, his shop was now an emporium.

15 years forward, Burberry developed a trenchcoat that was adopted by the British officers during the Boer War. And to this day that same design walks the streets proudly and is one of Burberry’s staple pieces in store. The Equestrian Knight trademark which appeared in 1901 with the word ‘Prorsum’ is Latin for Forward. And fast-forwarding to today, we see the same innovative and ‘giving’ that was behind Burberry 150 years ago, now with their Burberry Foundation which is to help young people realise their dreams and potential through the power of their creativity.

The Burberry Foundation is committed to dedicating its global resources to help young people build confidence, make connections in their communities, and grasp opportunities to succeed. The aim of the Foundation is to empower young people to use their intellectual creativity — that which will help them to imagine and achieve their life goals.

MenStylePower salute you Burberry for the consistency to see others succeed, without losing the value of family, friends and social consciousness.



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