‘Pick up line’ Pants?

fg2There’s a new boy in town – he belts out Sinatra in the shower yet he’s preppy, he rides a muscle bike in chinos and  powers through the jungle in custom tailored pants. And he swears by LA clothier, Franklin + Gower.

Imagine printed pants and shorts that make a statement with a piped trim that’s a talking point fo’ sho’. Better still, pants that become your best pick up line!!!

Founded by long-time friends, Paco McCauley and Eduardo A. Braniff, F+G clothes scream individuality with prints, color and flair the mainstay of the F+G lovemark that’s finding a home in many a strong male’s wardrobe. The company philosophy is simple: smile often and keep positive. Their brand promise is “experience the easiest and most fun possible” and clothes that bring “color, humor, and life to every occasion”. Everybody dance now!!

F+G is quintessentially LA although very different from the Silver Lake hipster and the Beverly Hills suited power broker. It’s smart, confident and successful, with a thread of quirk running through.

F+G claim to be committed to giving back to the Los Angeles community, manufacturing their clothes 100% in the area and employing locals. Hmmm, LA needs some giving back. Last time I visited (Jan ’10), I wanted to hand out AID and food stamps at the corner of the Beverly Wilshire; that’s how sad the California’s economy seems at the mo’.

fg1Back to the clothes. F+G online shopping experience is a tad different. You can design your own “competitive advantage pants or shorts”, selecting from a range of cotton twills, micro and wide wale cords and seersucker fabrics, pick your cut and size and then trim them in wild stripes or mild pipes depending on the nature of the evening (and morning) you are after.

Not good with decisions? F+G offer a list of recommended (and highly effective) looks: dressed up cords for your classier conquests, tricked out cotton shorts for when laid back is the order of business. Either way, their pants and shorts are going to look great on … and off!




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