Dolce & Gabbana Menswear – Spring Summer 2010

It is THE coup de foudre of this fashion season and probably the best ever collection to come from any one menswear designer in years.

Imagine solid colour accented with detailed trimming that is presented in a bold almost brash fashion. Imagine a collection where white becomes the new black and black is presented in new and ever inspiring shades of the hue that you’ve never ever imagined. Imagine bling and sparkles come alive in this the most masculine and geometric of designs to come from the genius minds of Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana.

The collection is sheer manliness; it screams elegant masculinity from the rolled up trouser cuffs (a 20s trend making a truly inspired comeback) to the erstwhile rough and tumble yet elegant jean designs that have become synonymous with D&G and blocky black single button suit jackets that are visual sex on tap.

And we can’t go past the finale – the striped bling-shine, crackin’, fitted tuxedo suit that would certainly leave any James Bond fan and character breathless.

The MSP team is extremely thrilled with this amped, spiffy, cray cray, hoppin’, off da heezie, tight, kick in the pants collection!! Enjoy and if you can afford it get some of these pieces into your wardrobe; namely – a pair of the slim black casual trousers (roll em up for the best effect), a crisp white shirt and white trimmed jacket, a striped suit and that HOT tuxedo jacket. And don’t forget those sleek dress shoes … a must have for any self respecting gentleman!



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