The Secret of Nike Air

NIKE AdHere at the MSP HQ, we often talk into the wee hours of the night about the emerging fashion, great and not so great looks, the importance of core basics, hot Italian shoes, a lack of tradition, and the erosion of rituals. Whether it be wives, or grandma’s passing down the best recipes, or father’s making sure their sons know the law of the jungle so to speak about relationships, chivalry and etiquette. Accompany this discussion with a few beers and the best mashed potato from Betty Crocker, and you have a superb night!

One particular day that we love to hear all the pranks about is April Fools. And this year we were shocked into a cold stone sober jaw dropping pose for at least 5 seconds, because NO-ONE played a prank! I mean, like what? Yes, that’s right. No-one in our immediate circle, or in any other circle that we know about, no groups where we have fingers in the pie, ears to the ground, did anything remotely funny, hilarious, going off like banana – show stopping NOTHING happened.

This is a tragedy! But…

Thankfully, Nike just came through with this great film that documents the process of collecting and inserting the very special air that’s included in Nike Air sneakers…The Secret of Nike Air



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  1. Interesting!

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