Cuffs of Steel!

Cufflinks. A funny word.

Cufflinks. Defined as a fastener worn by men or women to decoratively fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse.

Cufflinks. They first appeared in the early-1500s as “cuff strings” to help close ruffled wristbands fitting into small openings on either side and tied together.

Cufflinks. Ornaments for men who want can express themselves with style; using their formal shirts as the background canvas.

Cufflinks. Elegant, swanky and definitely a must-have in every self respecting dude’s wardrobe.

Cufflinks. One of the few objets de mode that a man can use to express his individual flair in fashion.

Cufflinks. Great gifts for men. Think bachelor parties, birthdays, weddings & a big ‘thank you’ from/to a mate.

Cufflinks. Seriously cool collectibles. ‘Nuff said.

OK dudes, we’re keeping this simple if you hadn’t guessed already. No need to fluff about the subject coz it’s pretty straightforward.

Cufflink designs vary widely. The simplest design consists of a short post or chain connecting two disc-shaped parts. The part positioned on the most visible side is usually larger; a variety of designs can connect the smaller piece: It may be small enough to fit through the button hole like a button would; it may be separated and attached from the other side; or it may have a portion that swivels on the central post, aligning with the post while the link is threaded through the button-hole and swiveling into a position at right angles to the post when worn.

Cufflink designers offer a myriad of monograms, shapes and sizes  – from novelty designs to traditional, contemporary, utility, humorous and the plain downright ridiculous (cufflinks with real bugs embedded in them?? Sure makes you stand out from the pack!).

Troll through second hand shops for classic and antique designs but if you can’t be bothered, try your local men’s department store – they usually have a decent collection given that this is the one male fashion accessory that designer’s go mad with. Or wait for Aunt Bertha to surprise you next Christmas. OK maybe not Aunt Bertha, she’s into itchy angora sweaters, but perhaps that new, gorgeous girl you’ve been seeing may get inspired to treat you. Oh joy!

Whatever the case, from the super to the real hero inspired, chrome to silver, and of course the utterly useless and funny, these fancy, classic and sometimes whimsical doodads will definitely catch the eye. MSP has compiled a list of the latest and greatest so you’ve no excuse not to get out there and bedazzle your audience with cuffs of steel! Or wood … or plastic … or whatever takes your fancy!



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