Stig of Style Says… the ‘M’ word

Just recently, I walked into my girlfriend’s house to find her seated around the open fire in the den with a couple of her gal pals, and they seemed to be whispering in breathy, quiet voices. Like four octaves lower than my own deep rumble.

The girls obviously liked what they  were talking about. Me perhaps … (false hope). As I ‘suavely’ removed my matched-to-my-black-Ducati helmet, I realised two things: One – they were actually loudly chattering in high pitched, ear piercing screams – you know the kind dudes – that cut right to your spine… geez!

Two – I wasn’t the topic of their conversation. As my eardrums connected with my head as it recovered from mo’bike-on-highway-brain-freeze, they registered the consonants and vowels being repeated by the ladies, and I heard the seductive word in the world, next to my lady’s name and ‘Ducati’.

“M..a..s..e..r..a..t..i….” Oh yes. How delicious. Almost as delish as my girl’s gorgeous face as she turned to smile at me.

Apparently the girls were oohing and aahing over the latest man toy purchase of one of the men in our crowd, my mate ‘D’.

The dude sold his business for a few, cool mills and gone and ordered himself … the new 2010 Maserati GranCabrio.

I’m not envious of ‘D’, but the boy does the man have some class …

The GranCabrio represents the synthesis of Maseratis in terms of top down models. It is a Maserati in the purest sense of the term: from the unmistakable style of Pininfarina to the craftsmanship of every detail, from the pleasure of driving to top performance – assured by a V8 engine of 4.7 liters and 440 hp with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The interior space offered by the GranCabrio is perfect for four adult passengers.  In fact the GranCabrio is the first four-seat convertible in the history of Maserati.

The pictures say it all:  crazy design, elegant fixture, leather upholstery, and to emphasize the link with the Maserati tradition, the roof of the GranCabrio is strictly canvas. Available in six colours, perfectly integrated into the design of the car, it folds up in only 20 seconds (28 seconds including the movement of the four independent windows).

I’m a two wheel man, but I can easily see myself on a European escape – gunning down the autobahn to Berlin in one of these babies, with my girl riding shotgun. Life would almost be perfect …



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