Increase Your Performance, Libido and Energy

You know the drill or rather, you hate it. It’s Friday night and you’re dead tired. It’s been a hellish week at work, you’ve had late nights trying to catch up with work, then attending a series of monotonous networking socials with workmates or clients. Or perhaps that project you’ve been working till midnight for the last month just got tanked and nailed by management and the powers that be – and you can’t give a toss because you’re not enjoying your job anymore.

Maybe you’re traveling with work away from home too much and hate airline food, your bills keep piling up while the bank balance nosedives, your wife or partner is upset by something or the other,  the kids don’t recognise you and even “nice doggie” snarls in your direction when you walk through door.

You don’t have the energy for sex and when you do, the aforementioned wife/partner doesn’t want to indulge you because you haven’t had enough time for bonding and building intimacy.

Your belly’s sagging over your pants, your eyes are bloodshot, your face is hollow and strained, you’re breathing funny, you’re avoiding the doctor’s chair and the last time you visited a gym was Before Christ.

You’re stressed and to be honest, somewhat depressed and distressed.

To relieve the strain, you reach out for the old trusted bottle of Jack Daniels and indulge yourself in a tot or two, or three.

Or you choose to spend the Friday night partying like a teenager and drowning your sorrows in alcoholic daze in the vain hopes of forgetting all your problems. Problem is they’re still there the next day.

Alright gentlemen, it’s time for a health and wellbeing check. Yes indeed. Sometimes the crazy pace of everyday life can mean we often forget to stop and take stock of our wellbeing, and instead we find ourselves trying to manage stress and weariness in harmful ways.

If you’re overly stressed, then you need to do whatever you can, because life’s too short to be a candidate for a Betty Ford clinic or a triple bypass.

How can you better improve your performance so you can always be at your peak, both mentally and physically, everyday?

A great way to boost your energy level is to increase fluid intake and make sure you’re well-hydrated – that makes a difference to our cells, circulation and energy. If we’re deficient in water, we need to draw it from somewhere else. And normally it’s from the bowel or other cells that are considered non-essential. That’s why people feel constipated and they become sluggish. Water gets your brain and heart into gear – it affects our mental functioning.

Another tip is to eat a broad variety of foods. Some men get stuck in their ways and stick to potatoes and meat. We should include more fish to make sure we get the oils needed for every cell in the body. Lifting energy and not becoming fatigued helps men with their quality of life and their relationships.

What are the essential nutritional needs of men that can boost performance?

Men tend to miss out on their vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of B-vitamins, and they also give us our fibre, which prevents us from becoming constipated and keep us moving.  How do they help exactly? They:

  • Support energy production;
  • Support exercise performance;
  • May support the maintenance and repair of muscle tissue; and
  • Are traditionally used to relieve stress and may assist male sexual performance.

So to enhance your energy and get those extra nutrients and vitamins, eat your veggies!

How can you tackle low libido?

Firstly, look closely at the types of medication you’re on – particularly if they are feeling fatigued and their energy is low. Depression can be a cause as well – it affects your energy and sleep. Essentially it’s locking yourself in a prison: even though you’re expressing something on the outside, it may not be the way you feel on the inside. So people who are depressed tend to attack themselves in some way and it brings down their confidence.

Part of libido is how you feel: attitudes towards sex and towards yourself. It’s also a creative expression. Libido is instinctual – it could be an attraction or feeling of desire. But depending on how you use it, it can be transformed into something creative. It might come out through your art, music or sport. We can use that drive and energy for other things, not just for sex. 

What is the best way to treat low libido?

Keeping everything flowing and getting good nutrition. In terms of herbs, tribulis is a big one. It has been shown to increase testosterone in men and works very well. And ‘withania’ is another one for libido – in India it is known as the ‘herb of one hundred husbands’. It works as a tonic, or an ‘adaptogen’, which allows us to adapt and deal with stress, and it also has a relaxing effect. Other favourites are Korean and Siberian ginseng.

Stress is also something that really needs to be dealt with when addressing low libido and stamina. Look at the things you can do to reduce stress. Take time out for yourself and exercise. Exercise lets us burn off the extra stress hormones we have, and also gives us time to process things. We recommend exercising without music for that very reason. Get some fresh air and be with your thoughts.

Find something that helps you to relax. Yoga is fantastic for the stretching and exercise. Often you’re in a room full of beautiful women as well! I often give that as a tip to men: if you’re single, go to yoga class – you’ll get a lot out of it, and you might even meet someone there.

Massage is another great thing for stress relief. It’s often the only time people really take time out for themselves. Just 1-1½ hours, just for you. To recharge and take a break from the stimulation that surrounds us. People see it as a pampering thing when it’s not – it is essential.

Are there any foods that are good for lifting libido?

Zinc rich foods are good. Including nuts in the diet is very important – pumpkin seeds contain the right minerals for libido performance and a source of fats, too, particularly the ones we tend to be deficient in. Almonds are known as the ‘king of nuts’ because of their zinc, magnesium and omega-6 content. Cashews and good also, as are avocados – more so for the fatty acids.

Magnesium is often something we can be deficient in, too. This is important for energy production and blood sugar levels. It also helps us to relax the body and eases muscle tension. Try taking vitamin supplements with magnesium to help boost your overall performance.

Other key health tips for men:

A. Prostrate checks – prostrate cancer is one of the biggest killers of men so please dudes, make sure you see your doctor for a full health check annually to make sure you’re on top of the game.

B. Heart health & cholesterol levels – don’t let bad cholesterol sneak up on you and rob you of your lifeblood literally. Keep that ticker going strong for as long as you can with healthy exercise, moderate drinking, clinically proven supplements such as OmegaGen Cardio and overall healthy eating!

You’re important dude, so stay healthy, keep in shape and live the best life you can!!



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  3. Physical exercises in the morning, not smoking and no alcohol content in the body are things that can make any man sexually healthy.

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