Real men wear PINK

No matter the season, winter or summer, warm or cold, in order to keep your stress levels down, you need an easy approach to life that always begins with your mindset.

Which should then translate to your clothes.  Studies show that wearing light colours is one way of lifting your mood. Gents, there’s evidence to suggest that colours not only have an impact on our mood, but can affect us physically – our internal organs and our nervous systems react to colour.

Get this – The human body is made up of every colour in the rainbow. Our growth, immune system, blood pressure, temperature, muscle activity, alertness are all affected by light rays.

There are two ways of receiving colour:

1. By looking at colour with our eyes and by absorbing colour through our skin. Different coloured lights will affect us as will our clothing – as light passes through the fabric so light waves penetrate our system. The pineal gland is a cone shaped gland located deep inside your brain and is sensitive to light. This gland produces the hormone melatonin, regulating sleep, affecting our sex drive and having an effect on our biorhythms. The amount of light can be affected by changing seasons which can affect your body function.

2. The pituitary gland is a pea sized gland hanging from the base of the brain just below the optic nerve and is affected by coloured light. This is the gland of the endocrine system and it releases hormones directly into the bloodstream, which regulate the control of many of our body processes – our sleep and sex drive, but also our temperature, energy, metabolism, appetite, our mood and our feeling.

So … which colours are for you?

Knowing that we absorb colour through our skin we can perhaps understand some of our natural choice and instincts. For example when we are depressed we may choose to wear black to cloak us from the world as black allows no light onto your skin (whereas white clothes allow all colours of light onto our skin). However we would be better treating depression by wearing reds, oranges and yellows to lift our spirits rather than containing our negativity in black.

Generally clear, bright and light colours are considered positive and they’re great for winter wardrobes because they contrast wonderfully against the drab weariness of the season.

Let’s delve deeper into the meaning and influence on your persona when you wear lighter colours:

Real men wear pink? Perhaps unsurprisingly as pink serves to sooth, calm and nurture it is often associated with the female and all things feminine. However men who wear pink tend to be perceived as pretty bold, and infact exposure to pink can lessen irritation and aggression and offer love and protection. It apparently draws people in and therefore alleviates loneliness, despondency, over-sensitivity and vulnerability and unlike the passion of red, pink represents unselfish and long lasting love. Wearing a pink shirt pink could influence your ability to be more affectionate and loving … it’s an excellent colour (and often instinctively chosen) for developing self-love and security.

Our yellow energy centre is located in our solar plexus and exposure to yellow light can affect our skin, pancreas, liver and our eyesight. Yellow light directly stimulates the brain and the nervous system (motor nerves give energy to muscles). A lack of yellow light can cause fear, instability and shyness. Too much yellow light can cause us to be dominant. A balanced amount of yellow light can keep us alert and engaged, give us clarity and help us make decisions. Yellow represents the intellectual and thought and can aid memory, organisation, and the ability to see others point of view. Those who wear yellow will be interesting, spontaneous people who enjoy challenges, but may also be nosey and enjoy an argument (mental conflict as opposed to physical).

Because yellow is usually illuminated by artificial yellow light inside our homes, it can be too harsh on the nervous system. As a mental stimulant, a soft creamier yellow may be a good choice for an office or study.

Sky blue is a very popular colour for clothes and homes. In fact half of us prefer to paint the inside of our homes blue. Blue helps us relax (the deeper the blue the more relaxing) and expands room size whilst making us feel quiet and protected.

Blue is known to be a cool, soothing and calming colour and it is a fact that blue light can lower blood pressure and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Blue energy is centred at the base of the throat and affects the thyroid gland, which helps to regulate the body’s energy levels. Blue is apparently able to promote good verbal communication and creativity and stimulate imagination. It is associated with mental control and clarity – a higher part of mind than yellow.

Blue is a colour of peace and trust. It is also the colour of faith and wisdom. Wearing blue is meant to stimulate your artistic, perceptive and sensitive side. You may seek a more peaceful environment and be a good practical problem solver (if a little slow to reach decisions).

White light includes every colour in the rainbow. Its energy centre in the human body is at the very top of the head (sometimes the crown is also associated with violet). Because of its location, white acts on the brain and the nervous system. When focused on white can influence our sense of empathy and unity and is calming.

White is the colour of purity and peace (waving a white flag). White always gives the sense of time and space to reflect, free from clutter thus it is the preferred colour for minimalist interior designers. However high exposure to white can cause a sense of loneliness and excessive vulnerability. Likewise if you wear white, whilst you may be open, positive, and well-balanced individual, you may also be a loner who is yearning for a simple life or looking for recognition. Sometimes people are drawn to wearing white during a period of change.

Grey is the colour of self-reliance and control but as it is also the colour of smoke, fog, and clouds it could represent a lack of clarity, evasion and non-commitment (it is neither black nor white).

So should you jump onto the colours and psychology bandwagon?  It’s up to you. The color that you’ll be most drawn to is usually your subconscious mind telling your brain to seek out a particular color for its healing properties. Or, maybe it’s not and there is nothing to it more than just a reflection or absorption of light and the way that our brain interprets it. Whatever the reason,  I think I’ll go to my white and tan sitting room and chillax …



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  1. In my own personal life i have found that in my personal use of the Q-link has increased my mental focus, and concentration naturally!

  2. ‘Spinning at the speed of dark’ – love it … Are you sure you’re not reading it while flying down a highway on your bike, motorcycle guy? Not that there’s anything wrong with that … just don’t crash and then blame MSP :-)
    The Stylemeister.

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