Are you Shivering? Go to Chiva-Som!

If, for any reason, you’ve been sleeping on the sofa lately, thinking of a luxurious island where you can thaw your body…think no further. Throw off your Hermes blanket and grab your bags; we are about to give you a ticket to heaven!

We know that winter always leaves us feeling sluggish, miserable and shivering. That’s why we are highlighting Chiva-Som. A secluded world of serenity and a name meaning the “Haven of Life” – a luxury health resort dedicated to revitalising the mind, body and spirit.  The beachfront resort represents tranquility at its best with luxurious accommodation, nestled within lush tropical gardens. So to you men out there who are in need of a getaway and a unique one at that – this is it!

Imagine, stepping off your flight (at Bangkok) and being escorted to a limousine where you can enjoy a leisurely 2 hours drive south to the Royal city of Hua Hin – the land of Thailand’s King. (Disclaimer: indulgence awaits you!)

Your greeting is in true Thai style – the leaders in hospitality and grace. Smiling, bowing, and ushering you to your room – all of a sudden you feel like a King! Your Thai Pavilion room is perfectly private, and now you understand why Chiva-Som continues to be voted Best Destination Spa in the World.

This is a health and wellness retreat, where your first day consists of sitting with a consultant and stating your ‘work/life balance’ or lack there of; and being enchanted into the various ways to tip the scales back in your favour. The objective? To relax, and relax some more. Maybe doing a little more relaxing, maybe some de-stressing, and perhaps some more relaxing, stretching, de-toxing, and possibly some water-therapies; all under the compassionate eye of the internationally trained Thai staff.

Chiva-Som is the ‘macho-male’ Mecca for massages, mud baths, meditations, steams, saunas and plunge pools. For you, the Watsu treatment will make you a changed man! The water therapist, Nittaya, will help you stretch and twist your body using the buoyancy of the water in the warm Watsu pool. You’ll be in such a state of serious and deep relaxation, that you’ll forget yourself. (And every now and then it’s good to do that. Even Stig of Style gets over himself once in a while). And note, this is why there is a therapist present. To make sure you don’t drown!

Last month, we stumbled across quite a superb event at Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral – which was highlighting an international award winning spa cuisine for a week long promotion. Investigating further, it turns out that it was the executive chef of Chiva-Som, Paisarn! The fragrant temptation of his Thai gastronomy was just enough for you to book your ticket to Chiva-Som the next day.

For information on Thailand’s award winning resort visit:

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