Kickin’ it with Gucci!

This a quick one – we love the new Gucci Men’s 2010 sneaks and slip-on range. Each piece of exquisite leather footwear is a creation with some serious ‘tude! … and we’re all for encouraging our MSP fans to shine in them.

There’s something about the range’s neutral colours and clean lines that just scream elegance and sporty style that’ll go DOWN real well in your wardrobe.

The best place to buy them on the web – AND the one stop shop for designer shoes and accessories online – And of course there’s always your trusty Gucci Store or designer outlet.

Rock ’em with jeans & a T, or cargo pants & a sweater OR how about with an elegant blazer over pants for a semi formal occasion?

Enjoy kickin’ it with Gucci gentlemen! Step! – The Stylemeister!



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