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The Stig of Style Says

Stig is tired. He’s in bed, day-dreaming of the dinner party he’s going to tomorrow night where the chef is an African Goddess!

But Stig can’t sleep. (First person) So as I’ve been casually strolling through the billion or so pages on the internet I halted my wandering as I came across another ‘mens’ site’ that was relating to 10 things you should never say to a woman.


Things like; “I left you a message the other day, but I didn’t hear back from you…what happened?”. Apparently this is one of the most common mistakes a guy can do. Like what? I thought the worst thing a guy could do is withhold passion and intimacy from his girl, and then at Christmas tell her that he got her best friend knocked up cause he’d been having an affair behind her back. Ouch. That’s awful. But back to the content of this article, the worst thing apparently is, a man’s insecurity.

Somehow me thinks that the writer just turned a girl’s insecurity, as per the above example of ‘why didn’t you get my message the other day’, into a story and made it as if it were from a man. For me, the things you should never say to a woman are as follows. You desperately need a hair cut; or – There is no way you’re still a size 10; how about – Didn’t I just buy you deodorant? Bad huh? Oh wait – try this one – silence.

To the point, what’s bad about these articles is that they are speaking out of the negative emotion of anger and fear. Fear of being intimate and honest. (Wait, let me take my helmet off so I can shout here and not fog up my visor). ‘We…need…to…stop…being…afraid…of…love!’ OK, I’m a softie at heart when I’m not popping a wheelie on my 1974 duck egg blue Ducati at 100 clicks, but hey.

So let’s look at a few characters that girls have fallen for and it’s not been an issue – Channing Tatum, who portrayed the lead character in the movie Dear John. He was a soft, sincere and delightful (not to mention ridiculously polite) heart throb, who in his spare time was at war killing terrorists. Ok, ok, so he’s got guns, and grenades, and gets to plummet through the dessert in a tank and wears a uniform – but the point of the article is, take him out of his day job, and he is a ‘good guy’.

We have got to get out of our heads that men fail if they are a ‘good guy'; and women need to drop the thought that dudes who treat em mean, keep em keen, are the ones they should hang their hearts up on. Mate if she is saying, ‘um I don’t think it’ll work out because you don’t party hard enough’, then her agenda to be with you in the first place was not for you. Many guys hanging in my circle of friends are sincere, well balanced, steady eddy good guys who are also fierce protectors. And we all have a kick ass DVD collection which includes Gladiator, The Matrix, and Star Wars.

So, as I shut my best friend down for the night – that is my Mac – a word of encouragement. Don’t listen to all the hype of he said, she said. Go with your gut instinct and your intuition. Guys, if you like her and everything that resonates between you and your object of affection is natural, easy, exciting and it gels – GO FOR IT. And ladies, the shy ones are the keepers.

O’er and Out!

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