Flauntin’ the Chest Patch

2B or not 2BThere are certain choices in life no man should be deprived of, like which car to salivate over, what warrior stories to tell at the pub, who to vote for, and other stuff that doesn’t involve a ball.

I was listening to some of my friend-girls talk about their men today and there was a repetitive comment from one lass about body hair. Now OK, we have chest hair, arm hair and *** hair and some of this has been the central topic of top comedians a.k.a Robin Williams over the years, but one particular friend-girl was dreamy about her man’s chest hair. Well well, times-a-changin’, cause all I’ve heard over the years is the mandatory requirement to clip the nether-regions, and any other region that grows faster than a pot plant of sprouts. Damn, and I have seen a dude with a chest so hairy that Big foot was taking his picture…

So, giving men a choice when it comes to their chest hair, must have been a big deal for Second Button (2B) – a new custom b-down shirt making concern from a trio of New Yorkers fed up by button layouts that forced men to choose between looking stuffy or “flaunt[ing] their patch”. Ha, and we all know the onslaught of office commentary that can come hailing out of that one. So, what a great idea, letting you control how much you conceal in an array of casual designs, for those who don’t want to, and WANT to flaunt their manly chest weapon.

Flauntin it.

Had to do it....now that's chest hair!

But did you know?! The second button from the top of a male’s secondary high school uniform in Japan, is often a dead give away to a female he is in love with her, and this display is considered a way of confession. Why? Because the second button is the one closest to the heart and is said to contain the emotions from all three years attendance at the school. This practice was apparently made popular by a scene in a novel by Daijun Takeda. Phew, I’m amazed as how much fashion derives from novels. Mr Darcy is alive and kicking.

In addition to the very simple yet, highly effective ‘button’, 2B shirts are made from 100% cotton in varying thread counts, and each of their five base silhouettes can be tweaked in up to eight areas, including (naturally) the position of the second button (plus button & thread colour), collar/cuff style and liner fabric, back construction (plain, box pleat, or side pleats), and bottom, which can be either rounded or straight, a flexibility currently not available to what it covers.

Each style rocks different fabric options as well, including the Western (contrast shoulders, triangular bottomed pockets), available in red/white/blue plaid and black gingham; the shoulder-/sleeve-epaulet’d Utility in brown or purple stripes; and the low-collared Military (with double buttoned chest pockets), which comes in mostly solid choices like purple, sand, and “White 105″, also the only station left that plays the Gin Blossoms.

Now the innovative concept a la 2B shirts is a trend we are seeing roll out all over the globe and that is, to supply your measurements, which you can take by yourself, get your girl to help you or yo’ mother, or you can be  super tech savvy and log onto a Skype appointment with one of the 2B crew.

We diggin’ the 2B dudes. http://beta.secondbutton.com/



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