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This British designed luggage is the very definition of hand-made luxury. I would know. For many years peeps said the grandest of luggage to travel with was Louis Vuitton, but I tell you fellas, Hackett London is giving the monogram that LV is, a run for its sterling.

A modern day classic, the Globe-Trotter case offers a uniquely strong yet lightweight functionality with a start, instantly recognisable aesthetic. Since 1897 (and we do love the brands that have stayed the distance) the brand philosophy has been a simple one – never to compromise the integrity of the craftsmanship. It’s the value that has made Globe-Trotter one of the most loved and sought after suit cases with generations past and present.

Globe-Trotter was founded in Germany. Nothing else needs to be said given the endurance brands that emerge from this detailed driven Country like BMW and Mercedes. Yet it was founded by an Englishman called David Nelkin. He moved the company to London in 1901 and  modelled the luggage on great and recognizable characteristics of Royal & British Icons. These being Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Sir Edmund Hilary and Sir Winston Churchill.

Many 20th century pioneers used Globe-Trotter Luggage on cruises, airlines and trains. Pilots and Flight crews for the RAF and British Airways carried Globe-Trotter cabin cases. In fact, I think my sister had one she took to school with her!

Now if you’re into craftsmanship, which shows that you value items of worth and are a sentimental man, these pieces are uniquely hand-made (which in today’s world is very rare) constructed from Vulcan fibre, ash wood frame, cloth lining and leather trim. Many of the experienced craftsman who would make your luggage piece (bespoke services are also available) have been with the company for decades. And what does this mean? That Globe-Trotter are interested in their people! We like that too. This product is delivered to you with honesty and pride. A rare commodity indeed!

The luggage collections cover the Original, the Centenary, the Safari, the Cruise, the Orient, the Limited Edition and Bespoke. While brands across the world are innovating and changing their materials and themes to attract the consumer, Globe-Trotter have remained true and authentic to their original philosophy and have not changed since 1897 in terms of design and manufacture. This is almost unheard of in the industry today.

Enjoy the selection Top Gun!

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  2. We’ve got a winner here! It took my breath away. Guess I know now what to give my husband on his birthday next month. I’ll bet he is going to love this. Just perfect for his business trips. Thanks Hackett London!

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