The 2010 Intnl Best-Dressed List: Men

Curious to find out which gentlemen with style made it into Vanity Fair Mag’s 2010 Intnl Best Dressed List?

There’s an eclectic feel to this year’s ranking of the style elite. But, as always, the list is about individual taste, not fashion trends, from Pharrell Williams to Alec Baldwin to little known NY based actor/jeweller and eccentric Waris Ahluwalia.

Their individual passion for making a difference on the planet is crystal clear. Scorcese wants to restore old films for the World Cinema Foundation. Javier Bardem’s cause is the ‘Enough Project’ working against genocide in Congo and Beckham is determined that to help eradicate deaths by malaria in Africa by 2015.

The labels they wear are diverse: Prada, Gucci, Norton & Sons of Savile Row, Ferragamo, Piaget, Armani, Joseph Abboud, shoes by Jean-Michel Cazabat and George Esquivel, watches by ‘Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine’ and ‘Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept’ and good old Vintage Patek Philippe and John Galliano’s vintage rose-gold Rolex, circa 1943.

Only one real through line emerges: their exquisite self-expression and their curiously similar bent towards Steve McQueen, the ultimate celluloid rebel, as their style idol.

Here’s the breakdown of the gents who made the cut (not all of them, just the MSP favs) and more importantly what their style ethos is all about.

(Please be patient  – the gallery will load shortly below! And to see more detail about the style icon, click on the ‘i’ information button at the top right hand corner of the slideshow. Enjoy!)

2010 Best Dressed List - Men

[img src=]70ALBER ELBAZ
OCCUPATION: Designer, creative director at Lanvin. <br />RESIDENCE: Paris. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Bow ties. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Lanvin made-to-measure silk shirts.<br />FAVORITE SHOES: Clogs. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Lanvin made-to-measure. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: Vintage Patek Philippe. <br />STYLE IDOL: Elizabeth Taylor. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Helping orphans around the world.<br />
[img src=]40ALEC BALDWIN
OCCUPATION: Actor. <br />RESIDENCE: East Hampton, New York. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Necktie. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: “It's a tie between a ToyWatch Jelly and Tom Ford tuxedos.” FAVORITE SHOES: Bally Beatle-style half-boots. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: The staff at Ermenegildo Zegna. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: Rolex Milgauss in all black from Bamford & Sons, London. <br />STYLE IDOL: James Bond. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: The New York Philharmonic.<br />
[img src=]80ANDRÉ BALAZS
OCCUPATION: Hotelier. <br />RESIDENCE: New York City. <br />FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Walking stick from James Smith & Sons. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Patagonia waterproof backpack. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: Jean-Michel Cazabat. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Hisham Oumlil. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: Patek Philippe. <br />STYLE ICON: “My dad.” <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: “Keeping my guests somewhat fully clothed.”<br />
[img src=]60DAVID BECKHAM
OCCUPATION: Midfielder, Los Angeles Galaxy. <br />RESIDENCE: Los Angeles. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Dior jeans and white T-shirt. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: A pair of A Bathing Ape Adidas Superstars from the Rivington Club, New York City. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: N.D.C. soft suede lace brogues. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Tom Ford, for the cut of the suit. <br /> FAVORITE WATCH: Sea Dweller Rolex. <br />STYLE IDOL: Steve McQueen. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Malaria No More. “No child in today’s age should die from a preventable disease. I’m passionate about supporting this charity, whose aim it is to eradicate deaths by malaria in Africa by 2015.”<br />
[img src=]50JAY PENSKE
OCCUPATION: Chairman and C.E.O., Media Corp. <br />RESIDENCE: Los Angeles. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: “My old worn-in blue jeans.” <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: A Cucinelli blazer. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: Church's shoes and boots. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Jimmy Chen, Hong Kong. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: A 1960s Breguet chronograph originally designed for the French military forces. <br />STYLE IDOL: Steve McQueen. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Inner-city literacy.<br />
[img src=]70JOHN GALLIANO
OCCUPATION: Fashion designer, chief designer at Dior. <br />RESIDENCE: Paris. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: “The next purchase!” <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: “My robe from Charvet.” <br />FAVORITE SHOES: “My lucky biker boots.” <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Savile Row. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: “My vintage rose-gold Rolex, circa 1943.”<br /> STYLE IDOL: Oliver Twist. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: “To make people dream.”<br />
OCCUPATION: “Thinker and doer”; recording artist. <br />RESIDENCES: Virginia Beach and Miami. <br />FAVORITE ITEMS OF CLOTHING: Junya Watanabe camo long T, SpongeBob toe socks, Moncler Bionic Yarn vest, BBC nylon motorcycle jacket. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Forest-green Hermès Haut à Courroies bag. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: Christian Louboutin jazz shoes. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Alber Elbaz. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept. <br />STYLE IDOL: Steve McQueen. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Education.<br />
OCCUPATION: Film director. <br />RESIDENCE: New York City. <br />THE LOOK: Mean Streets meets auteur. <br />LIKELY TO BE SEEN IN: Armani, Joseph Abboud. <br />SELF-ASSESSMENT: “Has learned to live with” imperfections. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Restoration of old films—World Cinema Foundation.<br />(Martin is pictured here on the set of a commercial for Chanels’s next fragrance for men. Scorcese has been given carte blanche to create a masterpiece and Gaspard Ulliel, one of the new faces in French cinema, whose beauty, energy and elegance captivated Chanel, will be the hero of this film and the ‘face’ of this perfume. The launch of the perfume is expected in Autumn 2010.)<br />
[img src=]50Honourable Couple Mention: ED BURNS and CHRISTY TURLINGTON
RESIDENCE: New York City. <br />Christy<br />OCCUPATION: Model, documentary-film maker, maternal-health advocate. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Marni cashmere cardigan. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: Azzedine Alaïa ballet flats. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: My BlackBerry. <br />STYLE IDOL: Audrey Hepburn. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: <br />Ed<br />OCCUPATION: Writer, director. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: A.P.C. jeans. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Abercrombie & Fitch field jacket. <br />STYLE IDOL: Paul Newman. <br />FAVORITE CAUSE: Ghetto Film School.<br />
OCCUPATION: Jeweler, actor. <br />RESIDENCES: New York, Jaipur. <br />FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: A scarf. <br />FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: A stormy-blue trench coat from A.P.C. <br />FAVORITE SHOES: Pink suede shoes handmade by George Esquivel. <br />FAVORITE TAILOR: Norton & Sons, of Savile Row. <br />FAVORITE WATCH: Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine. <br />STYLE IDOL: “A cross between David Niven in Around the World in 80 Days and Kris Kristofferson in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.” <br />FAVORITE CAUSES: Endangered Species Coalition, Elephant Family.<br />
[img src=]50JAVIER BARDEM
OCCUPATION: Actor. <br />LABELS: Prada, Gucci, Ferragamo, Piaget. <br />STYLE INFLUENCE: Whatever character he’s inhabiting—“I'll investigate the style of the character intensely. I will wear the clothes and walk around the streets in them.” <br />BLACK-TIE SIGNATURE: Four-button tuxedo jacket. <br />THE LOOK: Diamond in the rough.<br />FAVORITE CAUSE: The Enough Project (working against genocide in Congo).<br />



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