You wanna fight huh?!

A few weeks ago, flight attendant S. Slater became a working class hero when he handed in his ‘see ya later’ letter in a blaze of glory after a fight on board a Jet Blue flight to NYC.

Just before take off, Slater tried to intercede when two female passengers allegedly argued over space in an overhead compartment and for his efforts he got smacked in his forehead leaving a gash from the edge of a heavy piece of luggage.

If that wasn’t bad enough, when the plane landed in NYC, one of the women jumped up and tried to remove her luggage when the seat-belt sign was still on and as Slater tried to command her due to safety reason she needs to remain seated. She told Slater that he was a ‘motherf…’.

Slater, obviously a dedicated member of the airline, and someone who I would say looks like Hell-boys’ cousin, and one person I wouldn’t mess with, stood up, stormed to the gallery and yelled into the telecom, ‘ To the passenger who just called me a motherf…., F…You! I’ve been in this business for 28 years and I’ve had enough. That’s it”.

He then pulled the lever activating the inflatable evacuation chute, grabbed a couple of beers, slid down to the tarmac and drove home in his jeep. I’m imaging an Old Spice commercial being made this very second. You just wouldn’t believe though, what happened after that. Slater was visited by a SWAT team on his lawn when he made it home.

What’s wrong with this picture dudes? !!!

I’ve been on plenty of domestic and international flights and have experienced rude passengers (some in business class punching the back of my seat on a domestic flight during lunch as my seat was 2 mm too low and let me tell you…he got an ear full from me through me freshly varnished Helmut!). I absolutely understand why Slater is experiencing a bit of hostess-rage!

This day and age, we are experiencing ‘Corporates’ downsize manpower, but keep good staff and upsize their hours. Is it time to put into place a counseling plan, where those mighty soldiers get worn out? Is it time to understand that hostess-rage and desk-rage builds up over time and draws from a wider pool of emotions that just the spontaneous outburst of anger?!

All in all, I salute you Slater. Reap the rewards dude of standing up and not taking any S…, from anyone, especially peeps fighting over cabin space & pickin on you for just trying to help out!

Good luck in court. We’ll be watching the outcome.



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