Outed: Diesel’s Street Closet

Oh real, oh gee? Go Diesel. We love your urban street mirror with touch screen tech & a webcam where passersby, street urchins and the local ne’er can do “choose” clothes (from a selection of digital pics, we s’pose) and try them on the screen through Augmented Reality.

If anything is should be educational (what does NOT look good on you), inspirational (what could work) and downright hilarious (frock on a jock?).

If you spot one of these in your neck of the woods, please let us know … so we too can get a kick out of street style tech … Oh wait, apparently it’s just a concept right now … apparently the brainchild of a bunch of Brazilian ad wunderkids (art director, Danilo Costa Matos  and copywriter, Victor Castelo Branco) for Future Lions – the famed global advertising students’ competition. Hmmm … not bad … not bad at all … great for consumer connection …

To see Diesel’s offstreet collection, visit diesel.com.

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