Men’s Street Style – September 2010

Gents, can you believe that it’s September already? How fast have we blitzed thru 2010? My head’s reeling at the crazy pace of life. It’s all good though, MenStylePower has grown in leaps and bounds and we’re looking forward to 2011 where we’ll be announcing some kick*** news abut the next phase of this fast growing blog and community. Watch this space!

In the meantime, enjoy what the men on our streets – from LA to NYC and Jo’Burg – are wearing. This time we’ve taken a slight focus on the African American and/or black urban gent. Black brothers have some serious attitude and style and we’re not ones to shy away from including them from our spotlight. Shine boys, shine!!!

(as always, props to and this month,, for some of the great street style shots below …)

Shorts doth make the man … now here’s a dude who’s rocking calf confidence …

The bag, the jacket, the glasses, the vest, the BAG!! Nice!

New York, New York! D’you think Sinatra had this macked out brotha in mind when he sung his now famous ditty? The sneaks are killah!

Now anyone who’s been to Africa will know that bright colours are the norm du jour on the streets any city in the sub continent … appreciate these shades of red on our brother from Jo’burg. Where’s a vuvuzela when you need one?

Amandla! More style power from the literal Rainbow Nation of South Africa …

Ah Paris … je t’aime! Especialy the man bag … j’adore!

Hey you? Yeah you … what do you see? Come a little closer … I spy with my eye shades of pastel … on a brother … talk about swagger!!

Punk is alive and well in London town … feathers, studs, dead cows and all …

The Blues Brothers?

Peace up Officer!

Those shoes are smokin’ … dudes, please note – an individual, stand out pair of great clogs will always razz and matazz up your wardrobe bigtime …

That’s the skinny on September street style :-) … (props for the fedora hat dude!)

Gents, I leave you with these last wise words: Spend a few minutes each morning making sure you look great. Wear one (or two) stand out pieces to jazz up your look, then go out there confidently into the world … knowing that you are making a difference by being uniquely YOU …

Over and out!

The Stylemeister!



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