MSP Thread Trend Alert: Sept 2010 II

We’ve found more new hot and emerging trends in men’s threads and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. From Stussy’s new collab with Japanese brand NEIGHBOURHOOD, to some bubble gum icecream flavour from Tokyo and musings from the mouth of the most charismatic menswear designer on the planet … Tom Ford Esq, we’re delighted with our latest pile of trends.

(Stand by for more as MSP travels to the Big Apple in September … can’t wait to see what we’ll find!)


Stussy continues their Boneyards collaboration with Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD (first launched in summer 08). The second installment, entitled “Conspiracy,” is inspired by East LA motorcycle clubs of the 50’s-70’s and includes a limited edition Levi’s trucker jacket, signature NEIGHBORHOOD denim and a limited edition ‘zine containing photos, interviews and artwork relating to the project. The first group of Boneyards II: Conspiracy product will be released on Friday, October 1, 2010 at Stussy chapter stores.

Vanilla & Raspberry flava anyone?

Icecream presents from their Season 11 Fall/Winter 2010 Collection two limited edition items – the Drippy Parka and matching Drippy Sneakers. Both pieces feature a red drip design and will release this coming weekend at the Ice Cream Store Tokyo.

It’s all in the cut of the suit:

When it comes to men’s suiting there’s a move away from the ‘skinny boy’ suit, but that’s not to say slim is out altogether nor that a boxy cut has replaced it. Instead, think of a cut that takes would appeal to a military officer, one that accents a sense of the masculine through three key silhouette elements:

  1. broad shoulders
  2. a slim waist
  3. slim trousers

And the designer bringing the classic look into the noughties? Tom Ford. His ’09 and Autumn ’10 collection of suits are still making waves in the world of men’s fashion. Want to see and learn more? Check out our special post on Tom Ford’s style aesthetic …

Shady Accessories …

“In this moment, eyewear is becoming more important because it is an immediate and accessible way to express your personal style – even if your clothing stays very simple.” – Tom Ford. In his latest collection of eyewear Mr Ford delivers a striking evolution – his hallmark silhouettes to become even stronger, and presents new shapes that effortlessy blend Brazilian design influences – from 1950′s vintage to ultra minimalism – destined to be worn by those with iconoclastic personal style. Pictured are the Henri – TF141 sunglasses model available in 3 colors.

When pirates reigned …

If Captain Bligh were alive today, I’m sure he would have loved to have on his meaty wrist, a timepiece of chronological and scientific marvel, that would have led him speedily past the Cape of Good Hope without a sigh of discontent from his would-be mutinous crew of The HMV Bounty. Ah well, that was then. This is NOW. And Patek Phillipe are so now with this stunning white gold masterpiece which features an ultra-thin self-winding skeleton movement which has been lavishly engraved and decorated by hand. Ultra-thin mechanical self-winding skeleton movement. The piece is also water resistant to 30 m which would have given much comfort to Bligh on his long, ardous journey 6-8 week back to safety exposed to the elements in the tinny boat his mutinous crew forced him into.

A Fresh Breath of Air.

Milan based men’s shoe designer, Bruno Bordese, delivers another non conventional men’s shoe design that echoes sea, sand and surf (that’s if you don’t mind sand trickling in and out of your feet on the beach …) – this slick design is a great addition to any self respecting man’s casual wardrobe …



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