Men’s Street Style October ’10 – Tokyo Drifting

Tokyo style is defiant. It’s boldly in your face and rudely defiant. It’s left of center, and its male skew is so highly asexual that it arrests all your visual sense and bombards it with gender bending confusion. Yet at the same time it manages to keep about it a level of innocence; a child like purity that celebrates freedom and the breakdown of form and restrictions, while placing value on true yet untried materials, designs and wardrobes.

Drifting through the districts of Harajuku, Omotesando, Shibuya, Daikanyama and Ginza are the experimental style flotsam that endow Tokyo with its future tech tribal feel and have designers wetting themselves in search of the next, newest and hottest trend to hit the streets. The girls looks like live dolls and the men like models and auteurs auditioning for Matrix 4.

The young Tokyo dude’s wardrobe is a mad, mad mix of high end designer (usually the shoes and man bags) and proudly unique pieces, zjoozjed, pulled and crimped to each individual taste, making them one-off looks that cannot and will probably never be replicated.

Could you rock these Toyko trends? Perhaps. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but at least try something new, rock a wild coloured tie, or perhaps a rugged scarf over a madly printed T and hand painted pants that you loosed a brush on, one lonesome, rainy afternoon. Whatever it takes for you to feel uniquely yourself and not just a branded carbon copy.

Most of the images below are from and we’re delighted to give them a boost for all their great work capturing Tokyo’s fashion buzz on the street. Arigato.



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