Rock Your Love for the Jackson 5!

MSP News: The Jackson 5, the former band, is launching a clothing line called the J5 Collection.

Out in February, “The T-shirts include 24 images and illustrations of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers—from the Sixties when the Jacksons were kids, to their Seventies Afro period and to their triumphant Victory Tour in the Eighties. The men’s line includes short sleeve crew necks in jersey and tri-blends, V-necks, and long sleeve raglans,” W.W.D. reports.

The J5 Collection will also include “replicas of the iconic leather jackets Michael Jackson wore in the ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’ videos.”

The collection looks very Gen Y, street and to be honest a tad punkish. Not sure if it’s a fit for everyone but hey, if you love it, don’t stop till you get enough!


Excerpted from Vanity Fair Magazine –



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