Pssst … The Glen Davis’ Secret Code of Excellence …

Sydney has a secret. One that it can’t keep bottled up much longer …

For a few years now the one man’s name (and talent) has been bubbling under the surface of this cosmopolitan city, hiding amongst the theatrical wharfs of Woolloomooloo and the ‘gangsta glamour of the Cross and Darlo’ …  quietly gathering a slew of awards and rave reviews for the Establishments he works in and adored reverence from the celebrated clientele he attracts …

The name being whispered across town is one of … Glen Davis.

At first glance, this notable young man is a tall, handsome and lean. With his sunny disposition and lean body, he could be a surfing celebrity, his relaxed manner and nature reminiscent of his Queensland sand & surf upbringing.

Glen Davis .. Esq.

His eyes are filled with energy and life and he moves quickly and sparingly yet speaks with a welcoming drawl that ushers you into his presence, settles your nerves and calms your spirit. Or could it be due to the glass of excellent drop he’s just served you?

You see, Glen Davis is probably one of Sydney’s most accomplished up and coming restaurateurs and sommeliers.

His passion? Food and wine … in particular, fantastic wines. Glen’s nose for fantastic vintages has gourmets, famed institutions and critics alike clamouring to get a taste of what he has to offer.

Yet this young man has travelled afar both in miles and experience to now be at the top of his game.

After finishing school in Queensland and studying his craft, he joined the famed Neil Perry at Rockpool Restaurant in Sydney for 4 years before moving to London for the opening of Sugar Club in Soho.

After a successful European stint, Glen made his way back home back in Sydney where he spent a considerable time as a sommelier with Nautilus Group moving between Coast and Manta restaurants. During this time, he dabbled in creating his own vintage at Bannockburn Vineyards in Australia’s Victoria region with Nick and Gary Farr, making Manta’s bespoke Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Always restless and eager to push the boundaries, in 2009, Glen ventured into running his own restaurant. Partnering with Nick Palumbo (Gelato Messina), and hatted chef Eugenio Maiale, he opened, dubbing it with the moniker of the Sicilian Mafia’s code of honour – ‘Omertà’ .

The long marble bar at Omertà

“(Omertà) It’s a name that puts you in mind of huge blokes called Carmine, the garment industry, bags of cash and .357 Magnum shooters.” (

Feted by numerous gourmets including the Australian Gourmet Traveller and The Sydney Morning Herald ‘Good Living’, the one hatted Omertà’s long marble communal table is often crowded by eager punters waiting in bated breath to taste the restaurant’s distinct Abruzzese-style menu.

Omertà is “a place where the staff know your name and you feel completely at home,” says Eugenio Maiale.

The MenStylePower crew always feels down right relaxed at Omertà. At the hands of its very sociable and pleasant floor staff and chefs, we’ve often enjoyed a long, languorous evening stuffing ourselves with tasty wonders such as grilled eggplant with scamorza, the pork and veal polpette, salt cod and potato fritters (I swear my life on these!), fried school prawns with salsa rosso picante, the rabbit, pork and prune terrine with brioche, caper berries and apple or the San Danielle prosciutto with fresh figs and grissini.

Then there’s the heady wine selection – carefully picked vintages selected from wineries as far flung as the Adelaide Hills, Gippsland, Margaret River (Australia) and Sardinia, Tuscany and the Rhône (Europe). The wine list also includes Glen’s own ‘Omertà From A Farr’, probably one the finest house-bottled pinots available by the glass in the country.

When he’s not smiling and ushering clientele through Omertà’s front doors, Glen is busy turning his hand at new business ventures, roaring across Sydney from appointment to appointment on his flaming red-hot Ducati bike while consulting and managing cellars and wine lists across the city.

Does Glen rest? It seems this driven young man doesn’t know what the word means.

“For me, work and play are one and the same thing. I can’t separate the two and that’s because my world’s mesh together so easily. ” he tells MenStylePower.


His latest venture is ‘Mike’s Table’ a collaboration with Rockpool’s alumni executive chef, Mike McEnearney.

This “Invite Only” pop up gourmet dinner concept involves 30 people being treated to a stunning sit down set menu featuring food, wine and great conversation in an intimate environment, the latest being Ici et La, a vintage antique store in Sydney’s foodie suburb of Surry Hills.

Glen’s personal style is smart casual – his wardrobe mostly consists of clothes and shoes (a well worn pair of RM Williams’ boots) for comfort; that allow him to ride easy on his bike. His suits are inevitably Italian -well tailored, extremely well fitted. He also loves his jeans and leather jackets, that allow him to move seamlessly between work and play, hosting clientele at his establishments, to relaxing with friends with a great bottle of vino.

Glen Davis is a man apart; a spirited and spiritual man who embodies MenStylePower’s spirit of excellence, valour and style – one that comes from a passion within to be the very best in his trade, and to empower others with the knowledge, skills and product of his hard labour. From his appreciation of life itself, to his passion for bringing people together to enjoy life’s little food and wine luxuries, this successful sommelier and life ‘appreciator’ is a fine example to many.

Glen, MenstylePower raises a glass in your honour. Salut!


Omertà Food & Wine Bar

235 Victoria St. Darlinghurst. Sydney 2010
Phone: 02 9360 1011



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