Who’s the boss? HUGO BOSS!

As if they didn’t already have enough of a monopoly on sleek and luxury vehicles, the Germans have definitely proved their attention to detail and methodology can filter into clothes, and not just any kind … the tailored, exceptionally well fitted world of suiting and corporate wear.

The German bred brand, HUGO BOSS, is admired the world for the finest fabrics and handcrafted details that cater to the clotheshorse connoisseur. If you didn’t know, now you’re educated.

But did you know they have a tailored line? Yes indeed they do. Step aside Savile Row.

The premium menswear BOSS Selection line builds on the rich sartorial heritage of HUGO BOSS; where personal tailoring takes on a new, inspiring level that’s driven by time-honored workmanship and personal service.

The result is said to be a unique wearing experience and the natural elegance of full-canvas finishing.

How does the HUGO BOSS ‘Tailored’ offering work? One begins by selecting the store of your choice near you. You then arrange a personal consultation by phone or using an online form.

In the tradition of Savile Row, you then take your bod into the store  (present at select cities around the world including Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo) at the appointed time for a private session with the BOSS’ tailors. There you receive a private one-on-one advice, fabric choice, discuss threading and finishing touches – all customised to meet your specific needs.

It’s a man’s version of a woman’s spa day. One resplendent with style as well as a dose of major feel good factor. www.hugoboss.com – search for BOSS Selection.

Talking of feeling good, HUGO BOSS have long been behind the world’s premier sporting events; championing an expression of freedom in men that goes beyond creating clothes that make men feel they can do and be anything (badasses in hot suits!!).

HUGO BOSS backs three major sports, Golf, Formula 1 and sailing, and holds sponsorship interests in Tennis (Davis Cup) and Football (Real Madrid & Bayern Munich).

However it’s only in sailing that HUGO BOSS finds a fantastic platform to demonstrate its fashion competence both on the boat and shore-side.

Enter Alex Thomson – one of the UK’s major talents in solo offshore racing. He is the youngest skipper ever to win a round the world race, winning The Clipper Round the World Race in 1999 at the age of 25, and is the current holder of the 60’ monohull distance record, covering an astounding 501miles in 24 hours.

His current boat is the yacht HUGO BOSS, a new IMOCA 60; significantly more powerful than any other boat in its class – redesigned and optimised for one man sailing whilst allowing Alex to compete at the very front of his class in the coming years.

BOSS also provides Alex and the crew with highly functional outfits for all possible weather conditions around the globe, and dresses the crew for every celebration function in the smartest possible way. Lucky buggers!

So wondering how they captured a pic of Alex on the keel of the Alex Thomson yacht? Friggin’ hard work that’s how.

Keep in mind, the BOSS logo is on the bottom of the boat as well as the sails. Normally, sailboats sail upright. You’re not supposed to see the keels of sailboats when they are sailing. The shock of seeing the keel highlights the uniqueness of the image and … no one wears suits when they are sailing.

Behind the scenes there is a lot going on to make this photograph possible. Alex’s crew had to sail the boat on a knife-edge of control. An amazing amount of technology let’s the crew maintain the edge.

See how hard this was? Alex stacks into the water …

Alex had approximately ten seconds to jump out of a rigid inflatable dinghy to the keel before the yacht was overpowered and rounded up into the wind. While approaching the keel, he and his crew had to be extremely careful to avoid other parts of the boat such as the shaft and prop. With a ten second window, photographer Mark Lloyd, had to be completely prepared to shoot the photograph once Alex was on the keel and the RIB had pulled away.

A lot of vision, planning, teamwork, and execution went into this one image. All that hard work is another nod to Hugo Boss and how far they’ll go to bat for their notion of excellence.

That’s why they’re THE BOSS.

So what are you waiting for? Get tailored in BOSS and get that Grand Poo-Bah feeling! More from the HUGO BOSS 2010/11 Selection line:



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  1. Selection is available in just a few select cities for now. As soon as we get a whiff of it downunder bro, we’ll broadcast the news!!! Watch this space.

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