Rewind … nah … REPLAY!

It’s not the big guns today like the House of Versace, LVMH, Prada nor Gucci, that are driving fashion trends forward, it’s the midsize brands who are blitzing the marketplace. Why? Because they’re street-wise, more nimble, leaner, meaner fighting machines which allows them to be more responsive to market needs. So while the big designer houses still come up with the creative magic, their smaller cousins have more bite.

Case in point is Replay, Italy’s response to ZARA, renowned for its authentic and contemporary denim and smart casualwear.

It all began the late seventies, when Claudio Buziol registered his ‘Replay’ brand. Fast forward to 1989, when still relatively unknown, Replay reinvented jeans with its ‘double ring denim’. Output reached a million pairs in just two years. By 1992 new sales outlets were popping up all over Europe and the company made a turnover of 69 million Euros and in the following year opened their flagship mega-store in New York

In 2006 the Replay brand celebrated its the 25th anniversary (and a consolidated turnover of 353 million Euros) with a series of festivities at San Gregorio Abbey in Venice and reaches compared to the previous year.

In recent years, Replay has completed its brand extension by focusing on licensing partners who are leaders in their sectors: Procter & Gamble for the fragrance line, Christian Bernard for watches and jewelery and Arcte for the underwear and beachwear collections.

With a global presence in most markets, finally Claudio Buziol can relax. How? By accepting a chair at the Fashion Design Degree Course at the Faculty of Art and Design at IUAV University in Venice, the first time such an honour was awarded to a designer and entrepreneur in Italy.

So we assume that today, Claudio is kicking back in his armchair, with a glass of premium spirit in his hand, a cigar in the other, laughing all the way to the bank as his ‘baby’ moves forward from strength to strength.

Let’s bring it back to the threads:

“Chillaxed, grunge style, mixing and matching, comfort and a love for details” is the Replay motto, and they didn’t move an inch away from this in their Sprint Summer 2010-11 collection. Replay is not interested in dazzling you with couture originality; they rather keep on doing what they do best – a range of the classic jeans and t-shirt, focusing on finishes and treatments, with the occasion nod towards a sartorial element

Their latest looks showcase the Italian brand’s strength in mixing a plethora of influences to one cohesive look. For this summer, Replay does the slouchy look for men, without going too baggy – highlighting how they prize machismo in their men’s jeans. All in all, it’s a classical rugged elegance collection that will suit any self-respecting masculine guy on his down time.

I especially love the brogue shoes … kick a**!!

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