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So you’re on holidays and you’re looking for something a little different to leave your hat. MSP have three crazy cool lil’ abodes for you to consider for your up and coming get away. They’re clever, supportive of the local community and just down right funky!

The Library – Koh Samui

The Library, of course, gives visitors the opportunity to peruse a range of books. No? Yes. And as we are heavily in our digital age, you can also surf the web in the “iMac corner” in the on-site library. We just love that they’ve flooded the place with the Apple Macs. It would be very different and un-cool if they had placed the opposition on those tables. If reading isn’t your thing, you can indulge yourself in The Page Restaurant and Bar (such a cool name!) and finish your day with a dip in the vivid red swimming pool. We’re told that the idea for The Library came from the notion that all you need to enjoy a great holiday are a beautiful location, comfortable surroundings and a good book. The Stig is currently reading three and well Stylemeister, he can cover 10 in one sitting. Speed-reader. The resort offers 26 cabins dotted around the 6,400 sqm property. Each cabin offers a downstairs suite and a separate upstairs studio with amazing views across the old-growth trees and the ocean. Yes!

Camper Hotel – Barcelona, Spain

Oh the Camper Hotel. I first entered the hotel out of sheer curiosity. Looking through its darkened glass at the entrance I initially thought it was the shoe store. Then to my surprise someone exited with a stunning looking bicycle. Hmmm, that’s a convenient way to get around this gorgeous city! As I entered I was asked if I was a guest. Unfortunately they don’t allow the general public to enter the hotel just for a look, so I had to place a request in to speak to the PR rep and explain my position to be eligible to enter and have a squiz. The Camper hotel was happy to oblige and bingo we’re given a full tour. Oh, and as for the bicycle, they are free for the guests to buzz around the city.

Casa Camper hotel is located in the multicultural heart of the city in the Raval area, full of galleries, bars & little restaurants. The building, a typical 19th-century gothic tenement, was restored by architect Jordi Tió and perfected by an interior from Ferran Amat of Vinçon. It now stands as one of the city’s premier boutique hotels. The Camper Hotel provides a range of complimentary services: WiFi throughout, a business centre, full breakfast buffet,  and – best of all – as many snacks as you like in the lobby (sandwiches, soup, salads, pastries, bakery, soft drinks, juices, water, coffee and tea), leaving you feeling thoroughly looked after.

Each room at Casa Camper is decorated in a truly minimalist style, while not compromising on comfort, and have two spaces separated by a corridor: the bedroom which faces a vertical hanging garden (several storey’s high with massive plant holders containing almost prehistoric sized ferns) and an additional room, the ‘mini-lounge’, with a second flat screen TV, a hammock, a sofa, a working table, and a balcony onto the street, so you can indulge in some people-watching. This undoubtedly adds an extra dimension to hotel living, creating the perfect work or rest space after a hard days sightseeing.

The elevator and the top roof open air lounge and bar are just wicked. The buttons on the elevator are super sized number so when you’ve stumbled home after a few too many margaritas in the local flamenco show, you can easily find which floor you’re on without putting your reading glasses on.

Lost & Found Hotel – Melbourne Australia

Cue Lost and Found – “Part publication, part hotel room, part cultural therapist, part gallery and part guide.”

Basically, part best thing to ever happen to Melbourne. A hotel room without a phone or television? Who ever heard of that! Well, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s the last thing you even think about when you step inside the Lost & Found Hotel Room at Little Collins Hotel. This spacious hotel is a real sight to behold. From tea bags to bedspreads, every item in the hotel is Melbourne designed, made and sourced. Talk about supporting the local environment! Devised by Lost & Found to showcase some of Melbourne’s most popular and unique design products, the room instantly engages you in the local scene. A selection of records reveals the city’s most popular musicians, while magazines and books stacked throughout the room offer up cultural gems from local poets, photographers, fashion designers, illustrators and more.

Some things are so rare and exciting that they can only be described as awesome!

Objects ranging from Aesop delights, to furniture by Native and records by a bunch of Melbourne bands. The Lost and Found hotel room even has its own dedicated concierge to help you make bookings and provide you with insider tips for exploring the city.



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