The long and Short of it.

Nothing feels better than a dip in the ol’ deep blue, especially if the water is warm enough to not freeze your…well…you know.

If anyone is looking for a little fun these holidays when it comes to sporting some wild and crazy boardshorts, we’ve got some ideas for you. (Much empathy is sent out across the 10,000 miles of distance to our mates in London supporting -8 degrees weather).

As you would have seen, MSP is a bit of a fan when it comes to surfing. Even our Santa’s doing the ol’ Hawaiian hula on his board visiting LA or Miami!

Many of our close mates grew up surfing and continue to do so to this day. Waking up at the crack of dawn to run down to the sand to wax your board. It’s sensory. The smell of fresh air, sandy beaches and gentle light appearing over the horizon has an unparalleled gift of freedom. No one is around. It’s just you and nature.

So if you’re looking to mix it up this summer/spring for boardies, you’re going to see the following in stores. Don’t be alarmed if there’s something here you don’t like. You are in complete control of your wardrobe, and if there is any place you can be a bit of a larrikin it’s on the surf. Go for it!

Psychedelic colour mixes are seen, as well as new-rave-style fluoro colour-blocking which is great if you’re body is in tip top shape and you want to attract the eyes of some beach bunnies. There will be cartoonist prints on boardshorts so enjoy these laughs with your makes on a beach camping trip, but to attract the ladies in cartoon ‘anything’ is a sure miss.

Drawstring boardshorts work best for any dude and stripes are good to buy if you want a minimal print. Highly saturated tones fade into hazy greens and aquamarines are great if you want a little colour and gentle cross-fades and seeping dip-dyes are excellent if you are reminiscing of your last Bali holiday!

Our MSP picks will highlight below bold fading graphics, digitally layers, transfused fabrics and various lengths. Trompe l’oeil denim styles are becoming increasingly popular in Japan and monochromatic prints are great if you have a heart for graffiti.

MSP’s favourites are the nostalgic large-scale Hawaiian and camouflage prints. There’s nothing better thank reliving your childhood when you felt like Elvis Presley!

Enjoy dudes!



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