The Winter ’11 Boss Selection Collection

Talk about slick and tres elan. The latest from Hugo Boss’ tailored line for men, Selection, is a very European inspired, slim bodied and classic collection, yet with a twist of modern bright colour that throws you forward into the future.

The jackets are single breasted and sport high lapels, two buttons and are cut close to the body (there’s a double breasted jacket in this collection but we’re not big fans of its boxiness). The pants are fitted so woe to the chunky of thigh, but nonetheless, given that Selection is a bespoke line, we imagine Hugo Boss’ army of experienced tailors will cut around any size issues with German precision.

I’m loving the patterned black and white patterned ties and my favourite colour, red, is the accent hue ( see our 2011 Menswear Trends that forecasts more ‘red’ in the horizon), while greys and whites form the background palette, and stripes add to the lean and sometimes mean silhouettes (or could it be just the model??).

The result is a collection that’s imbued with panache, yet manages to remain quietly confident and unassuming.

For more, visit the Hugo Boss Selection page. You can also view the campaign spread below:



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