See RED this Valentines: February’s Hottest Trends

Ah gents … just when you thought you were really getting into the groove of the year, it’s back again … that day of the year that could drive you nuts – with love, or :

1/ Make you dread it because you don’t have a date or aren’t in a relationship with someone special.
2/ Make you loathe just how much dosh you have to dole out to impress your date by paying for over inflated restaurant meals and flowers at the price of gold.

How about the rigamarole involved trying to find the “perfect” meaningful gift (“What says ‘I care’ in a way that won’t freak her out?”) … or wondering whether your date will waste hours needlessly searching for the “hidden meaning” behind the gift you gave to her??

Who needs the stress of this commercially driven rip-off to sell greeting cards, chocolates and overpriced long-stem roses, that’s so BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION, causing millions of people undue stress and misery!!!??

Now don’t get me wrong… when done in the APPROPRIATE spirit (a lighthearted day to celebrate love, a great excuse to eat chocolate all day), Valentine’s Day can be great fun.

We only take issue with the holiday when all of the pink-and-red decorations, overflowing candy aisles and “a Diamond is Forever” commercials cause perfectly wonderful and amazing men and women to feel overwhelmed or inadequate.

However if all you’re seeing is RED this Feb 14th, or if you’re feeling a tad lovelorn, here are a few good reasons to get yourself in the right kinda red mood, and in the spirit of romance – first for yourself, then for your woman.

Happy lovin’ gents!

* The first image above is from designer Michael Bastian’s GANT label preview that this season features evening-inspired wear and casual ensembles for the those special dates and get-aways; hitting all the right notes for their core customer.

Zara’s recent spring 2011 collection hints at colour with a wardrobe of variety that hits its strong stride when it comes to this season’s structured suiting. We’re loving this deconstructed jacket.

Sporty looking with a colorful red PU leather strap, Nautica’s multifunctional BFD Red Diver Flag Watch features classic analog movement with a handsome polished silver case and authentic signal flag accents around the dial. With 5-year limited warranty, Nautica delivers value on your wrist, for $125.00.

Kenneth Cole New York presents a sophisticated reversible, ultra soft nuvola knit scarf with style to spare; this unbelievably soft winter staple features a single stripe running through it’s center – flip it over to reverse the colors and switch up your look. $44.97

This beautifully crafted GUESS ACTIVATOR time piece features a Sun Black Dial and a smooth red leather strap. It comes in a brushed and polished black case and is water resistant up to 50 meters. A $395.00 must for your collection.

Design house Rag & Bone find themselves having a tartan moment for the upcoming fall season. Modeled after a modern rendezvous with British roots, their Spring 2011 collection hit the catwalk avec a hint of dandy-ism, complete with bowler in hand and crud-tastic shoes created in collaboration with Grenson.

What’s more romantic that kilts, paneled leggings and quilting coupled with a cheeky attitude  – its Rag & Bone’s signature conceptual uniform laced with old-age charm.

And finally, Undefeated presents their latest collaboration with Converse on the Poorman Weapon high top sneaker. This time around they present a matching MA-1 jacket and a matching tote bag, both also featuring burgundy nylon uppers and orange linings. The official release takes place at Undefeated Las Vegas on February 15th with LA to follow on the 18th and online on the 21st.



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