Men’s Style at the GRAMMYS 2011

The red carpet must be quite a daunting journey to traverse. Although just taking up a few metres – not even two hundred in some cases – the baying calls of the paparazzi and the blood thirsty journos vying for your attention must make a journey through the far reaches of the Amazon seem like a walk in the park.

That said, the Grammys’ is the annual ticket in Lalaland that allows the rockstar and pop idol celebs of the male variety to be a tad more adventurous with their wardrobe and inject personality, if not their fighting spirit into. The style and wardrobes at this most lauded of Award shows are almost an armour of sorts to help these music warriors combat the competition and duel it out for Grammy glory and harmonic supremacy.

Enough with the lyrical musings and onto some serious style.

Here are our fave gents’ looks at the Grammys 2011.

(Scroll all the way to the bottom for our pick for BEST ‘UBER STYLED’ MALE ARTIST)

John Mayer disguised as Johnny Depp

Tyrese. The best thing you’re wearing man, is your smile.

Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard of Muse. Ah, that’s where my faux b/w leopard skin throw disappeared to …

Ariba! Ariba! Ricky Maaaaartin!!!

Not so Diddy Style … What’s up man? Looks like someone forced you to attend ;-(

Usher channels the 1800s … those shoes are positively Edwardian …

My favourite crooner Bruno Mars is accompanied here by Nicki Minaj

Paramore – j’adore the black ensembles boys…

Kravitz – the dude just doesn’t age!! Love the jewelry bro …

Glee” star Chord Overstreet knows the power of a well fitted suit. A tad somber for your age but good job on the cut!

Rapper B.o.B and (Mum??) – can’t go wrong in red and leather studded pants. Yow!

Adam Lambert makes ’emos’ somewhat appealing. The jacket is outstandin’, the eye make-up is not. To each his own.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 – big tick for simplicity and those kick a*& boots.

TV personality Mario Lopez is cool in grey

Train. Choo-choo to (Pat? Jimmy? Scott?) in the middle for those skinny pants and rockstar jacket.

Mumford & Sons – there’s a uniform here … can you see it?

Hans Zimmer – our favourite composer is … well … composed. Nice tie Hans …

Kings of Leon in princely silvers, blacks and whites. Why so serious dudes?





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