Dressed: A Rags to Runway Story

Overcoming the impossible is one the core themes of MenStylePower and when I stumbled this week on the rags to runway documentary about up and coming designer Nary Manivong, I was inspired enough to share it with our readers.

‘DRESSED’ is the inspiring story of a young man, who’s self-taught passion for fashion has paved a way for him to leave the streets he called home, for the fashion runway, and features commentary from industry experts, celebrities and fashion press, who discuss what it’s really like to make it in the world of fashion.

The basic storyline is simple. Homeless at 14, Nary Manivong pursued his dream of showing his collection at New York’s Fashion Week. The documentary showcases the strength of the human spirit as he navigates through one of the toughest businesses to achieve his goal — the one joy that brings him hope in the face of hardship.

I remember being inspired by the beauty of clothes,” says Nary.

That dreamy muse lifted Nary Manivong from the rough-and-tumble streets of Columbus, Ohio, to his eponymous label as a self-taught fashion designer that has been praised by Women’s Wear Daily—which listed Nary Manivong among one of twelve designers to watch and he’s been acclaimed by Fashion Group International (which nominated him for a Rising Star Women’s Ready-to-Wear Award in 2009 & 2010).

The Laotian-American designer’s journey, from homelessness to the runway; through the good and bad days, disappointments and exhilaration, epitomizes the notion that without pain, there is no beauty: Nary and his siblings were abandoned at a young age to fend for themselves and Nary’s journey addresses the realities of how daunting it is to make it in the world of fashion or even in the everyday world, after living on the streets. 

MenStylePower applauds men like Nary who has tirelessly pursued his dream, relentlessly and doggedly working towards it. CHAMPION!

For more, visit www.dressed-themovie.com.



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