Sole Mates

The walk of faith


Valentine’s is coming up and MSP are keeping a keen eye out for lovers all over the world. But not just lovers as in couples, but those who see that LOVE is a much greater thing than the brunette walking down the street coming towards you, staring at you, smiling at you – that YOU – hardly breathing.

Love isn’t just the 80” plasma you’ve just mounted on your mini-theatre wall, or the Ducati you’ve just polished…(“Oh, hang on, is this a fair example?”, states StigofStyle) Okay, stop, sigh, breath and read on.

So, as we’re hunting through the new, innovative and cool – we found a diamond!

The golden egg

A couple of brothers (firstly we love that this is about family) hooked up in 2007 after they’d seen their other siblings start The Street University – a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney. After this wonderful show of kindness, Matt and Rupert came up with the idea of a shoe company whose profits would sustain the University, and GIDEON SHOES was born. Yipee!

Multi multi

Their first step was to head to Asia in early 2010 to find a manufacturer, but this research trip led them down a dark, unwelcoming path. After visiting factories filled with both adults and children working in unacceptable conditions it soon became obvious that having GIDEON SHOES manufactured overseas simply wasn’t an option. We’re in an age where supporting sweat-shops and outsourced fashion is unforgivable.
Today, production takes place in Australia under ethical, safe and monitored conditions – a feat for any shoe manufacturer. Even better, the shoes are handmade almost entirely from Australian materials, including cane toad hide and kangaroo leather. (Please note, these two animals are already road kill). (Pps, for those who don’t know, young primary school boys have a liking to killing cane toads which were classified as pests in Australian sugar cane fields. They’d well, do lots of horrid, um…sort of bad – okay I’ll shut up)

Walking tall

GIDEON SHOES are hand-crafted and anti-sweatshop, meaning you can wear them with pride, and with your beliefs on your feet. They are made in Australia will fair working conditions. The way they see it is there’s no point creating a pair of shoes in the third world under unjust conditions and then turn around and give back to the community. The brothers believe that countries such as China, India and Africa are used as slave nations for the developed world.
The brother’s vision is to create sneakers of the highest quality, with integrity in mind. It may mock other sneaker companies but they couldn’t care less. They challenge the idea that sweatshops are a natural part of the modern world, just as William Wilberforce rejected the notion that slavery was a part of the 18th century economy.
Support Australia, support Young People. Support the ethics you believe in. Buy GIDEON SHOES – wear your FAITH on your feet.



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