Sometimes, we need to look back…

Reflections are important

To move forward, we sometimes need to look back and understand origins. Why? Because we have lost track of history.

Yes yes. We all hear you. Yet, listen a little harder. To the sound of the pin dropping. To the quietness of the room while you read this blog with your laptop on your thighs, beer in hand and muted TV.  Why does the commentary ‘lost track’ strike a chord in us all?

Over the past few generations, many of the traditional details of gentlemanship have been dropped in favour of easier and more instantly gratifying claims of love, work and money making ventures.

False Virtues

MSP endeavours to bring back many the lost virtues that somewhere in the back of one’s mind still niggle at you when you are faced with a situation where peace and generosity of spirit is required. Sadly, many of us opt for the more aggressive and strong hearted response to an issue that needs love and compassion. Good things take time, my Grandpa Stig once said.

Craftsmanship and the design of oneself is integral to your longevity, to the quality of your friends and the strength of your family. We want you to recreate yourself gents. By holding the mirror up to your face and really seeing who you are warts and all and being kind to that moment. (And if you need someone to let you know it’s okay dude, drop us a line!).

We are not perfect. None of us. But we can at least strive to better ourselves in the face of time that stands still for no one. I am sure, like many of us, the last thing you want to face, is the realization that you’ve been running after a false dream which has in fact distracted you from the most fulfilling and joyful moments of your life. Your children. Your relationships. Yourself.

Many sit in the face of anxiety when they realise they’ve succumbed to a form of addiction, which has lead them to believe that success is measured by the amount of money you have in your bank and the level of status you have at work. Yet the most terrifying moment of all, is when it dawns upon you that you’re alone. Without the woman you have craved. But remember; what’s meant for you will not pass you by, and the sooner you look at yourself, the sooner you start to heal from the first wound, which has more than likely been placed there by your father, the better you will be. Let’s reconstruct. We are here to remind you that you’re not alone, and that you have a destiny.

Overcoming challenges will lead to your destiny

Let’s look at the finer details of YOU incorporated. These will set you apart. So, you don’t like your hair. Or,you are short. Or, your body has decided to launch the growth of a gorilla’s coat on your back and the likes of you going out for a sun bathe is as possible as penguins tap dancin’. All of this can be dealt with. MSP looks deeper into the man’s spirit and character and encourages you to do so.

Now back to your details. Write them down. And write down the bad bits. And accept them. Unless you want to go through painful and time experiencing plastic surgery, you need to see the not-so-great-parts, and love em. Because they are there to be loved and trust me when I say – when you have the right woman, the ‘one’ in your life, she won’t even see them!

You, my mate, are an unexpected force about to be seen. Everything about you was designed, but now you’re going to see that there are surprises, there are faults there are wonderful hilarious part of you and not so funny. But whatever it is – it’s YOU and we celebrate that.

Consider this. Every person is different. It was meant to be like that. So take a bit of focus off the pressure and place it on the reconstruction of you. Rethink, with a modern perspective, which you are. You are your own brand. You were crafted by hand. That higher source that thought you into existence saw greatness in you. And we do too. Even at the end of your life, you will have a legacy. Just make sure you have people around you that love you and want to see the essence of you continue on and you will have achieved a great purpose in life.

An ode to greatness!

You might be old fashioned and traditional. There’s a place for you in this world. You might be outgoing with a peppering of anger, there’s also a place for you – the boxing ring. You may be shy and withdrawn, so working with people who are quiet is a sure winner for you. But no matter what, in this world, there is a place you belong. And the only way you will find that, is by being true to you. Honestly, down right true to you, and you will find this part of you will peer out from around a heavy velvet curtain and say, ‘it’s taken a while buddy, but thank God you’re here!’. (You may even find yourself thinking you’ve just woken up from a ten year slumber).

And once you get there, you need to do some maintenance. With every creation that lasts, the most important element that gives the foundation is the soul. What’s in there? Anger? Get it out. Frustration? Talk about it. Sadness, release it. Then my friend, you will see the limitations fall off you and greatness abound. Try it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

The Greeks knew it – “pursuit of excellence (arete) was paramount. Such aspiration required effort, discipline and intelligence”.

The power to elevate society requires “common sense, dialogue and discretion”.



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