How to Win In A Financial Crisis says it well: “In late 2008, many learned that the mainstream media and most so-called “economists” failed to see a financial collapse coming, even months after entering a recession.”

The result was a major hit to the US economy, which then ballooned to envelop the rest of the world.

“Trillions was lost worldwide, as the US was dragged under by the rapidly sinking equity markets. Massive public and private debt loads, a slowing economy, the deflating housing bubble or the massive financial schemes of buyout firms, derivative players, etc., meant that the financial markets were out of control. It was much bigger than the so-called subprime problem of “little people” being unable to pay back mortgages whose rates kept rising. Those were just the first visible cracks of the crumbling economy. When the high-stakes speculators, banks, brokerages, and buyout firms that leveraged billions (on hefty bets made on commercial real estate deals, leverage buyouts, credit spreads, complex mortgage securities) got hit … everything underneath them turned to rubble. When the giant firms fell, they crushed the man on the street.” Gerald Celelente, renowned trends forecaster.

Gents, the world is seeing more turmoil than ever before, and it’ll begin to bite into your back pocket sooner rather than later AND this fiscal fluctuation is predicted to last for at least another 10 years.

Are you wise to what’s really going on?


– America’s economic crisis continues to deepen and housing prices will not bounce back any time soon. This in turn means most world economies are going to be in serious flux for the next few years. Things are going to get much, much worse before they get better. The U.S. debt is over $14 trillion, yet it’s getting into another high cost intervention in Libya, ontop of Afghanistan and Iraq.

– Iceland, Ireland and Greece’s economies have defaulted on their credit recently and have needed to be bailed out. Portugal is about to following suit. Basically the EU is facing its worst economic problem in years and who knows when it’ll recover.

– England is in serious social decline and hampered by high inflation – This week alone (28 March 2011) 250,000 protesters took to the streets in the largest demonstration of public anger since the government began its aggressive fiscal spending and cut down program including the slashing of jobs and education funding. More “austerity” measures are predicted across the globe as governments feel the pinch of a global recession.

– As you would know, the Middle East is in also in crisis – Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain etc are revolting and apparently will not stop anytime soon as the youth of these countries who are highly educated but have diminishing access to jobs or food, revolt against corruption in their governments. More, not less war and unrest, is predicted.

– The world is running out of oil reserves.

– Climate change means a few more natural disasters are on their way, further impacting economies and incomes, both for big government and for the man on the street.

– Fuel and food prices are predicted to continue rising.

– Leading financial experts and analysts believe that a US dollar currency crisis is coming. Since the creation of the private, unconstitutional Federal Reserve in 1913, cash savers have been punished through inflation as the US dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power. The Federal Reserve and Treasury Total Money Supply has nearly doubled in recent years. As prices of consumer goods rise, experts believe it is essential that individual action is taken to avoid the demise of what’s left of the dollar.

– Currencies that are quantity controlled by central bankers are destined to fail. However, the Swiss franc will devalue slower than any other currency so it’s an option for cash storage.

Gents, the growing storm means that you need to start thinking in terms of survival.

So, as a man of power, what should you do? Advice from the experts:

1. Always, always have savings for an emergency.

2. Never take on too much debt and never spend more than you earn.

3. Never cosign a loan unless you’re in a solid contractual relationship with your co-signee and have discussed all aspects of the partnership, including dissolution.

4. Never get involved in a financial transaction you do not understand and that’s not diversified.

5. With the commodities market not looking very stable in the next coming years, begin investing as much as you can into physically owning silver and gold bullion, specifically non-numismatic coins. The price of gold has only grown stronger in the last ten years, from $275 per ounce to over $1400 today.

6. Subscribe to news and reviews – financial and political – from more than just one or two primary media sources. Why? As a former PR professional myself I KNOW that mainstream media is highly driven by PR firms and lobbyists and it’s also told from the perspective of what I think are increasingly lazy journalists who reproduce press releases instead of exploring and investigating the facts. Also with cross media ownership and media owners running various agendas, very rarely is mainstream news produced today without a bias and/or a contorting of the facts. It’s your responsibility to critique the news, not to just swallow it lock stock and barrel!

7. Don’t just do what we’ve recommended blindly – Visit a financial advisor. Chat to your friends in the world of banking and finance, read, read, read, educate yourself and get clued up – and then make the best financial decision for YOU!!

And finally, live wisely, yet give generously!

We’re not advocating greed – not in the very least! Neither are we fanning fear, we’re simply advocating sound sense. It’s wise to hope for the best, but prepare for the worse, and gaining wisdom is key to living a fulfilled life that supports and cares for yourself and your loved ones. It’s about being responsible and accountable with what you earn and spend. Plus it’s also about being generous – sharing your plenty with those in need – now that’s true wealth!

Like the good word says – “Those with ears, let them hear”.


The MenStylePower Team


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4 thoughts on “How to Win In A Financial Crisis

  1. I’d personally avoid mainstream media all together. As a futures trader, I can tell you that almost everything reported in the media is off. When it comes to the financial markets, most of those “experts” who appear on tv are anything but. Check their track records. Almost all of them got their asses handed to them in 2008. Same with almost every financial advisor and money manager.

    The hallmark of a good investor begins with actually knowing when to be in the market. If your guy got killed in ’08, guess what? He’s unqualified.

    The simple truth is that about 5-10% of traders and investors make all the money from everyone else. And they’re not talking. If they do go on tv, they’re almost always pushing a position they’re holding, but here’s the key. The folks who go on tv to talk about specific investments either want the public to jump in and push their trade higher or want the public to jump in so they can sell to them and go short.

    The simple truth is that if you want to protect yourself in what is shaping up to be a financial disaster unlike anything seen before, you’re gonna have to learn how this game is played. My recommendation? Get your hands on “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”. It was written 80 years ago but it explains how the game is really played.

    And by all means, never, ever turn on CNBC.

  2. Pete,
    That’s a legend response – and I’m glad you’ve shared your wisdom with the MSP crowd on this so-very-important issue. I’m also with you on the mainstream media – they’re just regurgitate press releases nowadays and it’s a damn shame!
    I’ll be picking up ‘Reminisces’ and get back with whether you are right on the money 😉 I trust you are!
    Thanks dude, much appreciated!!
    The Stylemeister!

  3. As a trader buddy of mine said to me several months back: “We’re witnessing the biggest land group in the history of the world.”

    The dirty little secret the government and media will never tell? The big banks are all completely broke, and have just been hiding their losses for the last 3 years. The Fed is printing trillions in secret and giving it to the banks to keep them above water. And the banks are taking the money and using it to run up commodity markets, especially oil and food.

    Most people do not know that the Federal Reserve is not a public institution. It is 80% owned by the world’s biggest banks: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank – and the list goes on. Think they’re on our side? Think again. The markets are nothing more than a game, a game of deception. As the old saying goes: “Want to buy 1,000? First sell a hundred.”

  4. Pete, an excellent piece of information. And what I see in this, is your trader buddy has revealed this information, and not hidden it anymore as he’s angry at the behaviour of the Financial industry and is concerned for all. Having a conscious, a collective consciousness like this is contagious mate. And MSP hope that truth’s be revealed in all areas of life for men (and all) so that we may live with abundance in the right places.

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