Nautica Men’s Fall 2011 Collection: Official Fashion Looks by MenStylePower

In early February this year, we got an email from Nautica asking us to get involved, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2011, to identify some of our favorite pieces from their latest Men’s Fall 2011 Collection.

Gents, we simply couldn’t say no! I mean, we dig Nautica so to turn our backs on this great opportunity would have made us a sorry excuse for fashion bloggers.

So we quickly got to picking a few key looks while sharing tips on how men can customise the current Fall line and make it wearable to suit their needs.

The selected wardrobe was then photographed in a custom fashion shoot that’s now featured on Nautica’s 360 blog site.

This is a fantastic example of a great brand reaching out to consumers in an innovative and highly relevant fashion and an opportunity to showcase our style philosophy and inspire Nautica’s customers and our readers.

Given that we at MenStylePower focus on empowering our readers with the right information about the best available in quality menswear, working with Nautica allows us to talk more definitively about their brand to our readers who view this website as their primary source for men’s style, trends and entertainment.

It was a fantastic honor to be asked. Thanks Nautica!

The MenStylePower/Nautica Wardrobe can be viewed on Nautica’s 360 Blog here and below:



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