Men’s Thread Trends – March 2011

In March 2011, style is all about the delineation between Mr Nice Guy and Mr Bad Boy.

Why do we say that?

Well, style trends today are neither one or the other; a dude can now walk out of his pad on Monday in a dark hoodie and torn jeans – reminiscent of the street look, and that same evening be in a plaid or worsted suit for a dinner event, and still be the same classy, cool guy in both looks. It’s refreshing not to be boxed in any more – infact, office clothing standards are relaxing so much today around the world that jeans and a suit jacket are now the norm Monday to Friday.

William Richard Green’s fall 2011 collection (above) is a great example of how classic style meets modern edginess. His inspiration rests strongly in the vikings of history’s past. Blending a strong sense of masculinity with excellent craftsmanship, a knack for plaid and an undeniable youthfulness, the latest collection comes together with a serving of fun as well as a structured foundation.

Here are other examples of how Mr Nice Guy can slip into Bad Boy looks, and slip back again to classic styling. Power up your style this March!

“Bugatti edition” Roland Iten Mechanical Buckle

You may say it’s a bit much, you may even say it ain’t for real, but trust us, it’s on the up and up. Bugatti have released an ultra-high performance, customisable fit belt buckle by Roland Iten. Here’s the lo’down: “Traditional belts come in lengths of 90, 100, 110 or 120 cm, but the Roland Iten R22 Mk.I-22mm “Bugatti edition” mechanical buckle is micro customizable to any size… This sophisticated instrument, constructed with the highest precision mechanics and the finest materials, not only allows a contemplated adjustment to the exact waist measurement, but affords an expansion range of 22mm thanks to a unique reverse engineered ‘engrenage’ invention which is discreetly cached under the “hood” of this magnificent piece.” Yes, this is a Bugatti belt buckle – available in white or rose gold. For real.

Tretorn “Nylite Canvas” Tennis Shoe

Tretorn, a company that has been designing shoes for decades, shows us one of their classics. The “Nylite Canvas” tennis shoe was created in 1967 and was “regarded as the first luxury shorts shoe.” The shoe offers a natural canvas upper, classic gulllwing logo, textile lining/sockliner and a EcoOrthoLite insole. This shoe could add a sophisticated look to jeans, chinos and shorts. I’ve had one every summer for the last 5 years. A great shoe with many sock options. Try it on casual and add it to your suit to rock the status quo. Find it at Tretorn.

Barbour Bicycle Jacket

Barbour introduces the third collection in collaboration with Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida. The collection is amidst the Beacon Heritage collection which “pays homage to Barbour’s motorcycling and military history. The “Bicycle jacket” offers: two large chest pockets, twin napolean pockets, four upper sleeve and upper torso venting ockets and two lower map pockets. Another great detail is the shock cord for the front and back tail and elongated back so it covers better while riding in the rain or snow. The jacket is made of a 6 oz. thornproof wax cotton and has wool facings. Available at TheTannery.

The Acoustable Coffee Table Sound System

Long since the advent of the laptop, the modern coffee table has been as much a desk as it is a point of personal relaxation.  Since our laptops, iPads and mobile devices are all wired for sound, this coffee table provides an added dose of functionality– stereo sound playback.  The Acoustable Coffee Table Sound System by designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer features a TEAC sound system within that provides 360 degrees of audio playback.  By either USB or optional WiFi, your laptop, your iPod and more can all connect to this table for an amplified audio experience that is much better than your device’s built-in speakers.  The stylish shape and material of this table are designed for acoustics, but the resulting look is most certainly easy on the eyes. Not a garment per se, but seriously cool and neo classic, even with the speakers off, this table is a living room centerpiece on appearance alone.  [via designboom]

The Pointer Conor Shoe

Hand stitched with a crepe sole, the Pointer Conor is so good, its waaaay bad and looks excellent in green. The mid-top is finished in suede leather. They look to work as  premium seasonal beaters – wear them well. Check them out at Glass Boutique.

The Urwerk U-110 Torpedo Watch

Urwerk has released another bad-ass timepiece with a display that features the brand’s trademark complexity and unique manner of displaying time.  The Urwerk U-110 Torpedo Watch uses a revolving satellite complication featuring three parallel markers that rotate to display the time while aiming at a metered scale on the right.  Those “torpedo” time hands rotate throughout the day, with hour and minute markers revolving, working in concert to display the current time.  As a brand, Urwerk has always opted for complexity, and this watch certainly continues that tradition.

Grove’s iPad 2 Bamboo-back Case

iPad 2 has landed so have the cases. Grove is up first. “The case’s back is made of solid bamboo in Grove’s Portland studio and hand rubbed with natural oils and waxes for a beautiful and protective finish. The bamboo back is available in two bamboo choices; natural or amber,.. The cover is made of American vegetable tanned leather and incorporates magnets which automatically wake the iPad 2 when it is opened and puts it to sleep when closed.” BAD-ASS.

Hugo Boss Orange Summer Scarves

Bad boys don’t scarf? That’s a lie, because bad boys get cold too and what’s the perfect accessory for chilly summer nights than a classic scarf to keep you toasty warm? Hugo Boss Orange’ summer scarfs are lightweight, unfussy and manly. Wind one round your neck and you instantly look like you’ve made an effort to keep up.

With that said, it’s a wrap for March!!



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